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Hostage Life – How To Die With A Smile I) Determine Whether Or Not You Wish To Depart Ii) Set Date Iii) Find An Exi lyrics

Janet said she wants to stay at home
"I don't want to die in a hospital alone, leave me with my cats,
the roaches and the rats, I'd rather be here than treated like that"
and the state can't say death or don't the best way to die is when you want
hope sets in for a form of relief
pain outweighs your religious beliefs and you know, this is not a sin
I just want this hurt to end
please, let my exit begin
only money's going to find you dignity
when you've reached that point of declivity
this may sound cowardly and vain but I wanna go before the pain
I'm not sure how this boy will end
but I'm hoping it's in the arms of a friend and if luck is on my side
I'll roll over with my eyes
I'll be in you when I say goodbye
so put the needle in my veins
when you see me smile and strain
if I can get it raised in my final days
then I'll proclaim, "I'm going this way, covered in sweat (lay me to rest)
a kiss before death, I exit this mess"

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