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Hostage Life – This Song Was Written By Committee Or We Simply Feed These Figures Into The Melodiotron And, Voila, lyrics

Alright, alright, call this meeting to order
All eyes on the video recorder
Oh, for the love of christ, who has the remote?
Never mind, watch and listen, then we'll exchange notes
Well, this swing isn't s*** enough
Let's face it, these numbers suck
We sell them handsome pawns to live like kings
The barcode talks
The red line sings,
We're constructing icons for the suckers tonight
We're not trying to make art, we're making a living
Working with a new factory rhythm
Dance, you robots, dance
Play, you robots, play
And we'll fill in the rest
Na-na-na-na, la-la-la-la, hey, hey
Well, this swing isn't s*** enough
Let's face it, these numbers suck
We need lean bodies with stunning features if we're ever going to raise this creature
If the body's choice we obscure the voice
Inoffensive text, we feed the eyeballs s**
Dance, you robots, dance
Your hero has no control
Auditioned to play the role
We write the script and you adopt it and every single day of your life is a holiday now

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