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Death And The Lament – Human-Being lyrics

Do not read between the lines
And they'll tell you where to go
Do not plant the seeds so blindly
Cause they'll show you what to grow

And if you answer to the gods
They will make you all their own
On your limbs the strings are winding
Knotted and so weighed down

Take hold of the molecules
And lay beside celestial virgins
Reflecting in the rays of light
Not for long, the clock will linger
So If you look before you step
There's no hole to stumble down
Because the lines are bending

But what was left when all was taken?
The empty sky within our reach
The world and all its fascination
All composed of long-gone dead stars

Memory machine will stray
Praising such pristine ways
If they knew predestination
All these years was just a farce
To be defined by what we wear
If that's so then find me naked
For the cause of ancient fear

Condemned, oh I wondered there
Never hear the sound and make me hollow
And truth at last, nobody would find me there
Would you remember on the way back?
Can you feel the instigation?

One with all the ever-ending waves but spread across the surface
Connected through the cells and dust that waded in a stellar ocean
Above the starbed I saw it clearly
Flashing toward the Earth

I saw a vision of the past, of the present, and the future
An odd projection of reality
But what could ever possibly be worth
About 14 millions years of vengeance?

If all known perspective is just an illusion
And if they curse themselves in vain
Where will all the lost souls go
When they see they made their own god?

Lost inbound and close to danger
If there was nothing to believe
Then death would be not become a source of power
You will decompose back from whence you came

True love don't last
I would tell you but nobody knows me like that

There was a place where I called home, where it was nothing short of
And they will never know just anything more than what they are
Justified all of the reasons why and so alone in all the world
Are they leaving nothing behind

There are the victims of the world that let their faith be taken in
As if it was resting on the shoulders of the ones who dream alone
I am the king of falling down and I am finally learning now
That there's a difference between finding recourse and making amends

And everyone was there sinking in the sea
Just I had seen a million times before in this dream
I am the king of falling down, and I am slowly learning now
That you were the only thing that made me believe in human beings

True love don't last
I would tell you but nobody knows

Dreamt in silent design
Weeping willows, growing networks of despair
Once slaves of our own creation
I saw the universe inside the bleak of man and there he wondered
What would follow the end of his life?
Would the world forget his passage?
He will be washed from time

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