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Death And The Lament – Between Still Dimensions lyrics

Streaming light-years, I have ascended from zero gravity
No longer haunted by the burden of my enemy
I close my eyes, they close their eyes, the world cloaked her eyes
As she wandered, through astral veins I drift so numbing
This plague infests my scattered dreams
The stars of the universal alignment rest between my field of vision

I exist to seal the waking urge to refine
Beneath the welding fraction, unbecoming
Of the linear daydreamt prophesized encounters
Eliminating traces of a bleeding entity
From parasitic force it came

Journey through the unborn hour
I await to hear the ethereal unravel
The hands are winding slowly still
Oddities initiate the awakening
They sit unjust, and still
There they will lay forever, beside their frozen wings

I replace the matter where it sits in disrepair
Drench their young inside of neuroshadows, they have waited
The weak and defeated now are an everlasting thorn of nature
Now I sink further down, to true divinity meek in stature

With no remorse they peer away from those inside their torment space
Our sleep had grown so restless, but now with age, the past in dormant

Lord dark matter I will embrace your face
Bathe me in despair, I have not a path to leave from
Space, introduce our modern waste, the newborn wench deflects the light
Baptize me in your decaying womb
I am ever growing, let me drain the life beneath your skin
Behind the drapes, I cleanse your raw and spoiled soul that lies within

Under your core I have found shame once built upon your fate
And lain divided, here you hid the lust behind a frame of hate
With your defense so withered I can break apart your silent dreams
And you are entwined and still with a whisper, I am nourished inside your

Thus now we lift momentum, thrown into the threshold of our pace
Inside a steady flow, launched into the depths of outer space
You'll find the secret of time
Or will you drown the sunlight and leave them to die?
I am your blinded savior to seep through the lines
Where I'll adorn your escape from the fear of the sky

Leave me to writhe as my conscious unwinds
I am cursed by the find in which they broke my disguise
Now neath the stem of the slain where I whither again
When you see them arrive, they will leach from your mind

With no remorse they peer away from those inside their torment space
Our sleep had grown so restless, but now with age, the past in dormant
Deep within the earth, it's intonation, the crust is stale
And now, aligned with modern servants, I breathe the darkness spread within
The air

Outer-stellar netherworld, far beyond the surface
I lay incapacitated inside of flesh cocoon
Reaching for eternal somber, for the stretch of misery
Motions in between still dimensions

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