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Bravo Armada – Where The Wind Will Take Us lyrics

Pacing along the shoreline, if only to pass the time,
Until the sun dissolves the stars and day breaks twilight from my eyes.
Down in the harbor of dreams, a vessel awaits it's time to sail away from the dead shore
That I've paced along my whole life. At the whim of the wind that's blowing,
Can't tell where the tide is flowing; follow your heart,
It's leading you beyond the safe and sound.
I stare across that deep blue secret, raise sails, cast off, no regrets.
Out there I'll find the reason, I'll sail away to know why,
Why the waves that I'm passing are born just to crash and then die.
If there's an answer to find in this ocean just give me a sign.
Someday I might know for sure and I'll come back to that lonely shore again,
But until I find a reason I'll be searching on and on.
Lost in the rhythm of the waves as they roll, hope crashes on a far away shore.
My heart's still beating, guiding me without a sound.
Deep, dark and undiscovered, through one end out the other, no meanings to uncover.
When will I ever know why, why the waves that I'm passing
Are born just to crash and then die?
If there's an answer to find in this ocean just give me a sign.
Now there's nothing to explore. I've seen it all there's nothing more.
I'm still no closer to the cure and I'm still pacing on the shore,
Still waiting here for more. I'm still waiting for daylight.
A breath of wind, a roaming tide and when everything is right maybe I'll sail away,
I'll sail into the light.

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