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Bravo Armada – Worst Mistake lyrics

Look around. You'll see the lights are fading.
The streets are dark and the moons not waning.
The words that brought this night are on my lips.
It's getting harder not to run from this.
I always knew one day would come to this.
It's almost too late now it's hit or miss.
This nights end would grant my every wish.
The earth around me is falling away.
My tongue draws closer to ending the pain.
The worst mistake I ever made in one breath.
I never thought my lungs could breathe such regret.
I made my choice, I shut the door.
There's been no sunrise, and I'm alone.
No turning back, no moving on.
What freedom gave is too far gone.
Now I sit in darkness thinking back
I should have known that breath would be my last.
I curse the ground they're kneeling on
And when the air swallows their shame
I'll watch them suffocate in their own mistakes
Until they can't bear to live another day.
The worst mistake I ever made was bleeding for the truth.
I stand between the gates of after, tears or laughter.
I hear them call my name. I stand behind the gates of never,
Sealed forever, and watch them fade away.

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