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August Burns Red – Salt & Light lyrics

Show our eyes true color. We want to hear the trumpet roar...
We want to hear the trumpet roar... With words that trample the pagan's
Pummel the darkness with the light.

Hand in hand, side by side, we will march with full force.
With your words from our throats we will march with full force.

Words that will shake the earth and boil the seas,
Trample the bones of the living dead as they roam the streets alone.
We go marching on. Let the trumpets roar. (Go...)

I'm the arbiter, not the author of these timeless words.
Led by the Comforter I sing to you.
And if my throat were to be cut from ear to ear, I hope that these words
Would carry on in these songs that I pray you sing one day.
We sing for you. We sing for you. We sing for you. We sing for you.
We sing for you. We sing for you. We sing for you. We sing for you.

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    This relates to jesus' teachings of his disciples. If salt had not taste, then what good would it be? He wanted his disciples to be the salt and know their purpose which was to share the teachings. As for light, jesus asked, when you put the light on, do you cover it…no, you shine it for all to see. He wanted his disciples to be a light that shine brightly and illuminates the greatness of the father. So I think the song is say know your purpose to support god and go forth stridently to fulfill your purpose in the name of the father.
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    In my unprofessional yet biblical opinion I believe it's referring to a portion of the end times, yet dissecting it a bit more it seems to be revealing a story of god leading his way and being a vital role in the army of god. If your an atheist, it's still a legit song though! Not judging just stating my opinion, I am in no way a bible scholar, just a follower of christ!
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    I believe this song is about the roman empire's attempt to abolish christianity and erase all history to prove its existence. Romans originally believed in paganism, "with words that trample the pagan's calvary". Mathew said that christians are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Without salt and light the world would become a dark place, spreading the word of christianity to save its existence is to share the light "word of god" with others, "pummel the darkness with the light". During the last great pagan persecution, pagans did anything to kill christians, " and if my throat were to be cut from ear to ear, i hope that these words will carry on in these songs".
    Do some research, this is what I found.
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