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August Burns Red – Carpe Diem lyrics

I've thrown away all of my outside distractions.
I'm diving headfirst to chase a dream that I won't let go.

"It's worthless- a waste of time. This goal is out of reach. You better
Fall back in line. "

This is what I need. You are what I need. I need motivation to prove you
Wrong, and I will prove you wrong.

"What makes you think that you are different? How can you chase these
Dreams? They've become a chore. "

I know I'm close. I'm almost there. Just a little more, and I will prevail
Through what you call "ignorance."
I will prevail.

Now I've chased this dream to do what I love, and I wouldn't trade it for a
Now I've chased this dream, and I made it out alive.
I wouldn't trade it for a thing.
I threw away what naysayers say, and started on a race that I had to win
For myself.

"And you proved me wrong, you proved me wrong."

All I've learned is teaching me more.
All I know is driving me on.

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    Its easy. This song carpe diem translates to seize the day. Its about a pursuit to chase a dream. Jake's part is from a stand point of a person on pressure to chase a dream. Dustins parts in quotes are from the point of an outsider saying its not possible. Then Jake goes to say that's what it needs, people saying he can't so he has motive to prove them wrong. Then the outsider says whyvare you So different don't get your hopes up etc. Then the person finally makes it and proves the other wrong. Then says he's learned from it to always keep going! Really love this song is so inspirational and helps me with my dream in my band and my business that I started. I'm 18 And my parents said I'd never do it, here I am. Just an example to show this song does have truth! Always your goal no matter how hard!
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    This was the song that stuck to me in this album. Depending on if the quotations are all coming from one person then I could mean someone is fighting to reach a goal while another person puts them down. In the end the goal isn't met but the person isn't sad about it because they think it was worth the try and what they learned from the experience was pushing them to try again.
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    This song has deeply inspired me. More than any other song I've heard. In my opinion it's a battle against yourself and your own doubts, and how you just have to keep going no matter how hard things look. You only live once, sieze the day and make it your own, because in the end, it won't matter what other people think of you or your dreams, just that you accomplished them.
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