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August Burns Red – Marianas Trench lyrics

This ship is sinking,
Deeper and deeper.
We've abandoned this vessel
And left the captain for dead.

Waves thirst for our passing. (2x)

Prepare for the struggle.
Prepare to engage.

Our armor tight to the skin,
This shield it bears His name.
We are strapped to the teeth,
But our swords are lodged
Tightly in our throats.
We are going under.

We cannot swim under these conditions.
We're drowning quicker and quicker.
We cannot swim, we cannot swim,
We can't swim under these conditions.
We are drowning quicker and quicker.
We cannot swim, we cannot swim
Under these conditions...

We have become what we have feared (We have become what we have feared)
Being one with this world.
We've become one with this world.


Pray for Heaven's titans to rain down,
And spare us the pain.
We're going under. We're going under. (2x)

Under, under, under, under...

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    I think it means that when we get closer to the world and become one with the world its like sinking deeper and deeper in to the ocean to where when you are one with the world you're at the deepest part of the ocean which is what the marianas trench is and that your dying from god. God didn't make us to fit in and be apart of this "world" we were mad to stand out and praise his name. When he sings "pray for heavens titans to rain down to spare us the pain". I believe hes saying before we get that far for someone to save us from such a hell. That's just what I'm getting out of this.
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    I like the society references. "but our swords are lodged tightly in our throats. " we are scared to say what's on our minds. Like a captain, we have leaders in life such as our parents, boss, and other teachers. Most likely we will keep something we've learned with us. The ship, a nest, and the captain dead, our fallen ones. We can't live suppressing ourselves throughout our lives and not speak up. Our voices have been suppressed and we'll drown into society unless we do something use what we have learned. Like our leaders knowledge and wisdom, we need to use it like armor to survive. We can not swim if we don't become that leader and stand up to our hardships drowning us. And now we pray for a hero/savior to save us because we are scared.
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    No matter how much work you put into life, you can't change the outcome. Because the outcome of life, is always death. The only hope for our souls/being, is to accept jesus into our hearts because he died for our sins and gave us our refuge. So "pray for heaven's titans to rain down, and spare us the pain," is what I translate into trusting and putting faith into god or jesus. Do that and let whatever happens happen. "we're going under. We're going under. " under the shadow of death, and reborn in christ.
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    I think this is a christian song, as abr has strong christian influences. The ship that is sinking is the world, doomed to eventual ending. The captain left for dead is the god we have forsaken. Towards the end a struggle ensues, and the faithful bear the armor of god, and weapons they will not use. They do not stand a chance, hence the inevitable drowning. We become what we fear by giving in and not enduring til the end. That's just what I think.
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    I'm a chrisitan and I love abr, and I'm sure there are thousands of parallels that could be found in this song and many others but it seems like really it is talking about going on a unsuccessful voyage to marianas trench the deepest part of the world. And those of you who call christians hypocritical or think that we claim we're perfect we're not, nor do we claim to be. Anyways just don't hate so much and I don't mean that disrespectfully at all. I mean that. Its a song, don't build so much hate over it, its definitely not healthy or polite, christian or not. Christian or atheist, agnostic or muslim. Enjoi abr :)
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