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August Burns Red – Indonesia lyrics

(Feat. Clean sung guest vocals by Tommy Rogers of Between The Buried And Me)

This plane's going down in flames,
And this time there's no black box to capture your last words.
A situation we can't make any sense of.
Sacrifice costs all of us everything.

This is the time to turn down our heads
And turn up our hearts.
There's no scale to (there's no scale to) balance this out.

Some say may those who curse days, curse this day.
There's no scale to (there's no scale to) balance this out.

Ouh! How does a man wrap his mind around eternity,
When he can't even (when he can't even)
Explain his own (explain his own) composition?
Don't you see it's bigger than you?

He sleeps in the mountains of Indonesia,
And the white on his flag brings colors to shame (colors to shame) (2x)

The earth will swallow the water. The clouds refill the oceans.

The earth will swallow the water and spit out.
The clouds will refill, refill the oceans. (2x)

The earth will swallow... Old mountains will crumble... The water and spit out... And stronger ones will rise. The clouds will refill... This is the portrait... Refill the oceans... Of the humble and broken. This plane crashed down in flames... (down in flames...) with a man who lived, who died, to better this world. David, rest in peace.

He sleeps in the mountains of Indonesia,
And the white on his flag brings colors to shame (colors to shame) (2x)

(In loving memory of David Clapper; you are an inspiration.)

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Submitted byCrusheader


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    What this song is about is a friend of the band named David Clapper who died. David Clapper was a Christian rescue pilot in Indonesia. On one of his missions, the wind swept him and his plane into the side of a mountain and he died. This really had an impact on August Burns Red's drummer, Matt Greiner, who had been close friends with Clapper because he had grown up in Lancaster, where the band originated. When the song says "He sleeps in the mountains of Indonesia, and the white on his flag brings colors to shame," it is talking about Clapper's death in the mountains of Indonesia, and how because he completely innocent, and had good intentions, all else seems irrelevant.
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    I'm not sure how much of this is true but what I heard was that it was about their friend from their church who died in a plane crash in indonesae. But here is the crazy thing, he died serving a mission trip for their church. And the drummer when he was in church just started having these lyrics come to him before he even knew it had happend, he didn't understand at first. (some of the lyrics I'm guessing not the entire song).
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    Indonesia here, been metalheads for a while. Well I'm definetly not into this band, just accidently stumbled on this band when searching music about Indonesia, look around and here I am. Some intriquing sentence, "And the white on his flag brings colors to shame". For me, as Indonesian (proud to be) this sentence quite disturbing and judgemental. And even better. Somehow sounds like typical over emotional cry baby metalcore bands (despite of chimaira, God bless them.). What I learn from 20 something in metal scene, you put respect first and the spirit of fighting follow through, not complaining and sobbing behind that screamo sound and typical guitar riffs. Lol, just some opinion here, I prefer listening to gojira (hail mary.) which been said as deathmetal band while all of their albums are campaign for nature and green environment.
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