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A.Tone Da Priest – A Dream lyrics

Everything that you know, all that you see / in this world is a dream, it's all make believe / all the thoughts you conceive, breaths you can breathe / soon shall flea, and everything shall cease to be

Imagine me, laying there with the blankest stare / no despair cause my soul crept from here disappeared / with no fear, sheer joy it's like my eyes are finally open / no ego, I'm free flow reality I'm scoping / to soak in what it really means to be alive / from when I arrived, I've enjoyed this roller coaster ride / oh the lie, that's cloaked my mind kept blind for so long / and yet I've done all I can to carry on keep strong / so calm, the silence no voices trying to break me down / or emotion to feel, the pains of love not found / to never seek a crown, just play your roll and let time work / no knowing of getting older worrying about dying just birth / feeling cursed, cause I can't separate dreams from reality / the pressures of the world are so unreal treated so callously / so it must be a fallacy, this can't be life / someone pinch if I'm dazed away, is death the price

Ever felt like everything was worthless been hurt bad / or wronged by everybody who possibly could have had your back / scared to interact with these men all possessed with these demons / the greed in their hearts carried on through their semen / breading an endless cycle revival of this dream state / there is no time for truth when our whole moral set is fake / based of faith and a presence hoping after death is heaven / when, all you have to do is wake up to see the happy ending / been spending my time enlightening mind trying to get past that / cash stack clouding my judgment and how my pack acts / flashback before birth, felt no pain one with earth / but as the light enters my eyes in time you'll forget what first / oh let me burst out of this never ending cycle / sometimes when I awake I lie and think why should I go / on for much longer when all days are unfulfilling / this can't be real how can what's false be so appealing

Life is only what you think of it to be / or what they tell you to believe, they don't want you to be free / on the path you choose to lead, don't let greed persuade you / worry about what you done, not what you fidna do / too many don't stay true and it's in vein our stay so short / till we shipped into this abyss of time mind about / we only report experience with what we learned in living / so it's flawed proven wrong for so long human decision / use wisdom, not just thought and the light you seek shall be brought / awaken from this dream with a scream and seeing the plot / and back drop of the movie screen that we be in locked / to find out that what you paid for slaved for a crock / one shot think positive to stop this nightmare / deep breaths weed chest seek the best and stay aware / as I stare at the ceiling feeling empty without purpose / I realize this is mine regardless, it's not worthless

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