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A.Tone Da Priest – Wild N Crazy lyrics

Can get wild n crazy n my circle of people will let me go
Best shyt I smoke was that purple deisal medical
Da best shyt you smoke was something illegal from mexico
Man consider yaself lucky if you on e at da texaco
Shouldn't have faced me I'm like a old tracy you not lucky now
Should of bet on me shouldn't have let me go
Now loss of course this was a game of horse
Don't be ashamed you loss
All you want is change n a porshe
Gonna need more cash for that
You a chick wit atittude gonna need more ass for that
To get wit me o shifty shitty
Could never be me
Chedda should see me
Everytime you throw on a clever cd
You put tone n spellz in
I told em my knowledge rich but I'm no college bitch I'm spellz not spellman

We wild over here, we crazy over here, get crunk off the sound of a bass drum kick

Wild and crazy get ghost with ya ladies / it's adp and Dub S yea it's the sane team / Insane since a baby my adolescent years / all alone getting blown tryna keep good cheers / always held back tears, weary show no weakness / Hard the exterior like the piece that the freaks get / they saying going to deep yet I still persist / never rhyme or drop lines that don't possess purpose / the purp gets exhausted, so high I can't talk bet / these shots bring me back to life from this pot nap / the broads check want to know the status is he single though? No, you can't lock me down but we can mingle ho / singles thrown strip for me, can you hump the dick for me / thinking I'm a whore, nah you just got me so horny / Make a porn dvds starring you birthing s** stars / the best part, climaxing finding your spot x marks

My accessories blend in my talant might say outstandin
Stand out in doubt wont have the upper hand when
I be zoned out thrown out is the doubt people had
My mind to twisted out lifted out of that diesel bag
Still lifted out my mind could talk bout my illegal past
Or the gifted route cause we all gone see good and evil pass away today
But still gon need a bill that makes some illegal laws legal pass

Before you proceed rethink this / we is hotter than the sun on Venus / English language states that we the greatest / plain and simple ain't no other way to say this / hate is, fake yet always impending / I'm not giving you these words I'm lending / and sending the message addressing all these demons / we in a war against what's good and obscene in

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