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A.Tone Da Priest – You Party lyrics

You say you party, Ay! / We say it's life, uh huh / You plan a weekend, but see we do this every single night (2x)

I'm stepping out, night life, here I come another one / for the book I'm on the lookout for a number one / To get her done, fresh gear spearmint a rubber band / damn my pockets fat so shots for my number 10s / 8 and 9s, under 7s go look for the other dude / no drama I'm just P. You. I, don't mind my attitude / my eyes are glued on a s*** body and she all good / money all around my dear, we living like we all should / and we all could arrange a get together / get away from here to party two I'll get to know you better / I'd say you better, don't wanna miss this opportunity / orbiting a star mah, us and them, you and me / she flew with me, live it up a night so incomparable / we rock star status, she couldn't recall I think she scared to know / let her go with just a dose but soon it had to end / cause for us we keep moving sunrise sunset do it all again

Walk up in the party and I'm smoking on pollution / Yea I pop X man but I'm not a mutant / So damn high everything seems amusing, ha-ha, everything seems amusing / Tryna hit her g spot, gotta make a slight right / Yea I'm a pussy monster girls need a night light / when I'm in the pussy it's an automatic night night / I'm fresh to death, do you see that fucking white light / These day every girl is a whore to me / yea I fuck em all cause my dick likes minorities / your girl report to me, but I'm no anchorman, I beat it up you short stroke spank her man / Life is a party, it's a rave in particular / living in the fast lane my death gonna be vehicular/ Life is a party, it's a rave in particular / living in the fast lane my death gonna be vehicular

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