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The Script – If You Ever Come Back lyrics

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    I am a crying mess listening to this song. I know it is about a male/female breakup, but I think of my teenaged daughter who left me after 16 years to go live with her father. It has been a painful 15 months without her, and I think she's realized "the grass is not greener on the other side. " it has been hard letting her go to find this out for herself. As sad as I am that I did all the hard work raising her, and "disneyland dad" seems to get all the glory, I have to put all the negative thoughts aside. I feel the exact way this song illustrates, your real home is always here waiting for you no matter what.
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    I just adore this song, even though I have to fight back the tears that start coming, everytime I listen to it.
    It just reminds me of my Mom, who died in 2010 when I was only 16.
    And the year after this, where I was still hoping and wishing for her to come home.
    I always left her the kettle on the stove and the light on in the hall (funny coincidence) when she was on late shift.
    And even though I've already moved out from the apartment where I lived with her and my sister and from the apartment I lived in with my Grandma, I still can't sleep, if there is no kettle on the stove and the lights on in the hall.
    I just believe it would be a lot easier, if she had just left and I would know, that she could unlock the door at any time.
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    First time I heard this song. I remember my ex-boyfriend. He leave me because his study. He failed to become a Doctor. Then he leave me without giving a word. 3 years later he came back. Apology to me for his non-matured behavior for leaving me. And wish to be with me again. If 3 years ago I wish he to come back. Now I wish he not coming back. I already been free from my misery and loneliness from him. I wish he just gone forever.
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    The first time I heard this song the first thing that came into my mind is the time when I leave home for the first time to find my own destiny. I suddenly remember my mom, I wonder what she really felt when I decided to move out and live on my own. The child that you've took care for 20 years will suddenly leave you. And I know its really hard to let go of someone that you really love its like your other half was taken away from you.
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    If you ever come back is a great song by a great band. This song has a lot of meaning to me, it holds many memories. The one that makes me cry in pain is the memory of my father. He died. I wish he could be here, I wish he could hug me and tell me its ok when I get my heart broken by a guy. To stand in the stands and clap for me when I graduate high school, to walk me down the ail at my wedding. He will never get to see his grand son or grand daughter he will never be here for me. Not now not ever. I would give my life up to here his voice one more time. (great I'm crying now. And this song is soo amazing) dad I miss you. I wish you could come back.
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