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The Script – The Man Who Can't Be Moved lyrics

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Submitted bylucymay111
Corrected byLindaStyles

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  • m
    I agree with keitherzzz(sorry if I didn't spell it right) but this song is soo inspirational. It's prooving to us that no matter what happens in between a realationship even though you are not together doesn't mean that you're heart is giving up. It's moving. No it's not. This song is stating that you're heart is never gonna move. It's gonna stay in it's place and be happy. I love this song, I truly do. And this is coming from a 10 year old girl. Never lose you're faith! If you loose something special, don't blame yourself. Try to make it right. Sorry if this sounded weird I couldn't think of anything to say. That would help you guys understand this song. I know what I said was dumb, please forgive me I am only ten. But I hope it helped some of you people. I know it was dumb so just give me a thumbs down. I know alot of people will give it to me anyways. Hope I helped!
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  • k
    Great song! A beautiful lady, that I barely knew, came into my life on New years Eve 2008. Within weeks, I knew that I was in love with this lady. Fourteen months later, after she again told me that she loved me, she deleted me from her life. I have wrote letters, cards, poems and lyrics for a song (about her) and I still can't get her out of my mind! Someday, I hope she realizes that although I am no prize, that I am a good honest man who loves her very much! Here I stand, waiting!
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  • l
    Reply to additctedtoglam: "I don't believe that are so many guys who can think like that, in nowadays they forget the feelings and they want other things" You are right there aren't many men who are like that. But I am if I were to find someone who I loved more than anything in the universe and she broke up with me. I would do exactly what this guy in the song is singing about. Anyway I love this song it's so nice and it means so much to me.
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  • c
    This gorgeous song has a very deep meaning. I think it means you should never give up on love, and do whatever you can to find that one person. You shouldn't just sit back and hope he/she finds you, you have to act. It might not be a big thing, you could find them walking to the supermarket. This man though, who's waiting for someone very special will do whatever he can. A heartfilled song that has touched me, means you should never give up on love:).
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  • b
    They say that everythings gonna be okay.
    But it's not. Because even how many times I have to tell myself that I must forget her. Still I cannot how can I moved on when I'm still inlove with her. Damned!
    I know she felt the same why does everything had to be so hard for both of us? Why does she still choose to go rather than to stay? I've never done anything just to ruined our relationship.
    But still she choose to go. It's damned realilty and I admit that it truly hurts me. T_t.
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