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The Devil Wears Prada – Louder Than Thunder lyrics

What would it take, for things to be quiet?
Quiet like the snow?

Cause I know this isn't much,
But I know I could, I could be better.

I don't think I deserve it,
Find your way into my heart

All stars could be brighter,
All hearts could be warmer

What would it take for things to be quiet,
Quiet like the snow?

Are we meant to be empty handed?
I know I could, I could be better

I don't think I deserve it,
Find your way into my heart
All stars could be brighter, all hearts could be warmer

What would it take for things to be quiet?
Find your way into my heart
What would it take for things to be quiet?
Find your way
What would it take for things to be quiet?

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  • g
    I'm not Christian, but people coming here and start saying that your beliefs are stupid like Lilelfling did is just stupid. It's your opinion and what you believe and you can't change that.
    Tdwp are a Christian band, just because they don't mention God in their lyrics doesn't mean they're talking about it. Maybe if people like you knew something about music, they'd learn to understand the meaning of the lyrics like xattackattackx did.
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  • b
    I'm sorry but I'm Christian too and I completely disagree with you unlike the bands you've stated tdwp is legit Christian and so are there songs except one which was a cover of the song still fly. So please do not go labeling this band madness for you calling them madness is like saying hillsong or David crowder songs are madness. Even if they are screamo or "hardcore" they still preach the gospel. Isn't tht why we are here anyway? ;)
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  • t
    @lilelfling, seriously? There's no God or Jesus? Jesus was a living person, what happened to Him all people of any culture believe, now weather or not He is the Christ is what people dispute about; now I don't want you to act upon these words, but if there is nothing after death, if there is no meaning to life, then why are you or any of us still living? Like do you honestly think that u'are gonna make a difference in this world? I don't mean that to sound harsh, I mean yeah sure there are plenty of ungodly people in high authority but that doesn't mean that they're not gonna suffer the same fate as you, so again, if there is absolutely no meaning to the next breath you take, then why take it? Why don't we just end our purposeless, meaningless lives? Why carry on the torture and just go to a eternal sleep as you would like to say, just think about it man, God loves you weather you like it or not, there is not one single thing you can do that'll separate His love from us, no matter what you do, from stealing a dollar from ur moms purse, to killing 1000 people, nothing.
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  • n
    Onewholivesforchrist: I don't think that can be put any better. Apart from the song writters themselves.
    Just because there's no immediate and noticable reference to God or Jesus don't mean they're not a Christian band. I've actually met Mike and asked him if the band was a Christian band and he himself said that they are Christians in a Christian band. And if you know the bible well enough you can see that there is plenty of reference to God which onewholivesforchrist has clearly pointed out.
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  • u
    This song, to me, is about how our generation has become so wrapped up in our own lives. We finally realize that we just want everything to be quiet, which would only be in heaven. We don't deserve god's love and the fact that jesus was given to us to save us from our sins. And the only way for us to gain entry into heaven is by becoming nice people and accepting jesus into our hearts.
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