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The Devil Wears Prada – Hey John, What's Your Name Again? lyrics

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  • t
    I think that this song is talking about how its so hard to live in this world, with all the pressures that people are under. The major reason being that, at the end of life, most of the things we indulge our time in will mean nothing.
    It also talks about how we can be a help to others by praying for them and giving our time to them, unselfishly.
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  • m
    I think this song is about letting yourself getting too involved in the world, about striving to be beautiful and popular and be coming a "king" or "queen" in your social structure. But really, there's no point in it, because this life is temporary, and eternal life is forever. Salvation has nothing to do with what's on the outside as it "lies within." We ought to worry more about how we stand with God than with each other, unfortunately, as the lyrics say, "we find ourselves so horribly weak" as in we all fall into wanting to be beautiful and popular and of high status. We all try to become a part of the world at some point, and when we fall, we jus thave to try and make it up to each other. We also need to pray for each other when we know that's goin on within someone near us.
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  • t
    Deadsy20, we are not what God intended, he intended us to be unsinful happy and everything we ever wanted, he asked only one thing and that was not to eat from the tree of knowledge, which satan came along and convinced eve it was ok, so she did and after that we were all damned to hell, until Jesus came and literally died so we would not have to go to hell, so no, we are not what God intended.
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  • h
    This song is them warning people about the illuminati.
    1. The concept of fashion/conviction less existence, all signs of what the secret luciferian society Illuminati praises and desires.
    2. Well it must be difficult claiming to be the kings and queens. Ever since the illuminati started its plan in 1776, it has found It's way to be the kings of many countries, the un, American government are all controlled by members of the illuminati.
    3. Megalomania, this shall pass. Megalomania is the dangerous psychiatric behavior of the illuminati. I'm guessing Mike believes it all shall pass when everyone is finally given the truth of their existence.
    4. I'm gonna hope for you, I'm gonna pray for you among the reckless and the black. There is no doubt he is referencing the top 10th degree of the illuminati members who dress themselves in black cloats and perform them rituals at the Bohemian Grove along with the whole Bush family (who has ties with the illuminati-Yale university organization known as the Order Of The Skull And Bones.
    Do your research. The illuminati have already started the mark of the beast (Rfid chips that have been put in people since the early 2000s) and they plan to start the New World Order, sign are all over the dollar bill such as the eye of Horus over the pyramid, which is 13 levels, the number of supreme knowledge. With the Latin quote underneath it meaning "new order of the ages". Do the research.
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  • g
    The concept of fashion is to blame for painting portraits of meaningless existence amongst society. Glorification's of oneself as a "King and a Queen" promote self mutiliation. For instead of claiming to be yourself you are an icon for meaningless perfection. Your "convictionless existence" as Fashion Kings and Queens, Models, political puppets, and stars gives yourself the representation of a portrait of nothingness consumed with your status. This status produces a period of megalomania in your life where you believe you are all waelthy, successful, and dominant. Once this wreckless period passes your mutilated life catches up with you and like all others who have lived a life of wrecklessness and evil, all you can do is find salvation within yourelf and forgive and save the life that has been destroyed by makign an offering to God.
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