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The Devil Wears Prada – Still Fly lyrics

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  • u
    I think people should stop worrying about wether they are christian or not and enjoy the great lyrics and amazing music. Beside, they once said in a show that they believed in jesus christ, and did not expect their fans to do the same. Please everyone just get along and agree to disagree, oh and stop insulting each other, even if you don't consider tdwp christian, you should know that god probably didn't intend for all of us to argue over something so trivial.
    Love tdwp forever, big inspiration for me.
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  • w
    This is a cover song first off, and they all believe in leading an anti-materialistic lifestyle separated from the world just like you said a Christian should live, plainpreacher. Just because the word "devil" is in their name doesn't make them devil worshiping metal-heads. Plainpreacher, you are the one who needs discernment. Read my other post, maybe then you'll realize that you are denying the faith of your own brothers in Christ. You have faith, that's obvious, but you clearly can't discern what is of the devil and what isn't. Like I said, read my post on the Lord Xenu lyrics. I really hope God opens your eyes.
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  • punk_chick1212
    Hey plainpreacher, they are christian. This isn't their song its only a cover for the punk goes crunk album. If you look up some of their lyrics, they have christian meaning. For example in tdwp song Danger: Wildman, the lyrics "beyond this world is what is always breathing. beyond this world is worth dying for!" means that God will forever be in Heaven and that being with the Lord is really worth death.
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  • f
    Lol dude you guys don't know nothing lmao ignorants. The Devil Wears Prada took this song from the rappers Big Tymers, it's just a cover just like Alesana did the one from Justin Timberlake, and how I Set My Friends on Fire made the cover of Soulja Boy "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" (originally entitled "Crank That Calvary Boy"). To add more the song basically says this is what happen when all you do is spend money on things that are materialistic they make your life crappy you can have everything cool but have a crappy life. Do a little research obviously you guys dint because this song is from a compilation album called Punk goes Crunk, where certain bands take popular rap songs and make their version of it.
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  • i
    You can be Christian no matter what you say, or do. As long as you believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. Anyone can claim they are Christian as long as they truly have faith in the Son of God. And by the way this song is just a cover of the real Still Fly. They did'nt write the lyrics. Look at their other lyrics, they have good meaning.
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