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The Devil Wears Prada – Ben Has A Kid lyrics

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  • c
    Honestly, this band (this song especially) inspired me to actually look into Christianity. Before I never believed in god and was on a path of literal distruction toward my family, friends, and more importantly myself. Before I got into this amazing religion I wasn't going anywhere in life and now after knowing what I have to look forward to after I die. Knowing I'm what is waiting for me. Eternal life! I'm finally not scared not wondering what may happen to me, it's the mist amazing feeling in the whole world and I know many others feel that way. I could go on forever about the wonderful future I have waiting for me and the glorious love of our creator that goes out to every single human being. All I have to say is I thank this band so much and I love them and everyone else who loves them! This band isn't just an everyday band, they were a miracle for me. They were my way out of being trapped inside myself you could say.
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  • y
    I have no desire for spiritual arguments, because I don't think god can be proven or disproven, and I believe god made it that way on purpose so that people believe by faith and not just logic. In other words, I'm a christian agnostic. Ironic right? Because technically, someone agnostic doesn't believe that a diety can be proven or disproven. But that's not my point, I'm not trying to give anyone insight into my theology and philosophy; I love god and my savior is jesus and that's all that matters. What my actual point is, is that I love the fact that screamo music is probably the most effective way to minister through music. I see several people on these comments talk about how this band has strengthened their faith or even helped begin their faith, and I think it's because it's a type of music that you enjoy mainly for the musical side of it, and you can't really tell what the words are until you look them up. And then when people see what the song is really about, they can be changed and it works as ministry. And that's why I love christian hardcore/metalcore. Thank you for your time.
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  • u
    Bearded male deity? Adam and eve being white? I don't know where you read all this stuff, it definitely wasn't from the bible. I mean even if you don't believe that adam and eve were the first humans. Even in the theory that science has we would have had to of descended from a pair of humans at some point. Do I know their color? No, does the bible say? Nope. Every religion in the world agrees that there is something wrong with us. And when I turned 22 years old I took a year and a half of my life to actually search for truth. I searched science, I searched religion, and all I found for an answer was jesus. Faith is not just something you blindly follow. It's something you follow because you know. It takes no faith to learn about jesus and the things he did. They are spoken of many times in history (in and out of the bible) the part that takes faith is believing in him as the son of god. His divinity. The teachings in the bible are teachings followers of christ choose to follow. Through experiences that the physical realm cannot explain I have my faith in god. I may not know what he looks like but I know what his love feels like. The only way to experience god's love is by setting yourself aside and seeking with your heart. We all want to pretend we're really good people just how we are, but honestly, even our good deeds are just an extension of our selfishness. I mean for example, people who want to save the rain forests and all the trees. It seems nice on the outside. But could it just be because you want your species to prosper?
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  • u
    Also love this band. Also not religious. Not really into their clearly pro-christianity themes, but I just love their sound and the energy with which they perform. Faith, a primary component of following a religion, is dangerous. Faith is belief in something despite any and all evidence to the contrary. It doesn't take a genius to realize how this can be potentially toxic, or see that in history it in fact has been. Instead of calling upon the cornerstones of my traditional anti-religious rants, i'll try a simpler, more direct approach:.
    You, being christians, believe a bearded male deity created the universe and everything in it, and that he resides somewhere in the cosmos (or the sky?). You believe this entity has the ability to do anything at any given moment. In other words, you believe in magic. You believe the earth and all its many races are direct descendants of two caucasian people. You also believe that, even though he has this unlimited power, he needed to concoct a scheme in which he immaculately impregnates a woman in order to give birth to his son jesus, who died for our sins apparently even though everyone sins all the time still and horrible atrocities occur every day.
    Instead of divulging into the many, many other ludicrous tales of the bible, i'll stop wasting my time because you're primary argument against these things I am saying is that you have your faith, and it's all about faith. I'm not a person who sees things differently (correctly), rather I'm some sort of test to your faith. And in your entire time believing these far-fetched stories you ignore the findings of science, you ignore evolution because it has very minor yet-to-be-proven holes in it, even though it perfectly knits together everything we know and continue to discover about biology.
    The universe is clearly random, there is nothing around us but disorganized chaos. Horrible tragedies, fortunate coincidences, immense joy and laughter, these are all things humans experience with existence. You don't have to believe that we're all here for a reason or in fate or anything else. Life is not fair to everyone, but most of us get a pretty decent shot at it. You have to realize how mind-bogglingly fortunate we all are to even have a shot and enjoy this roller coaster ride known as existence.
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  • j
    I love this band, but I don't believe in god. Lots of the things I've heard in the bible intrest me but I don't see enough evidence there to believe but its all my opinion they just seem like stories that could never happen. Anyways I write songs too and I usually listen to this band while I do it cuz they inspire me. I am clear vocals and guitar in my band and jeremy is my idol, I know how it says not to have idols in this song. But he is pretty much what I wanna b in my future and who knows maybe one day someone will convince me to believe in god. But if not ill die and find out eventually. Also I see catholics as being corrupt but its from history class like seriously theyd just kill anyone who didn't believe their way thas bogus. Again I'm not ripping on ur religion but do you really need these huge expensive churches to worship god, the way I see it if he truly exsists then you could worship him in the slums and hel still b just as happy. That's all that's on my mind at the moment and I love you all cuz I love this band and all that listen to them :)
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