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Taylor Swift – Invisible lyrics

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  • i
    :-(It simply tells the situation I am having now. :-(I like a guy. We were sort of an M. You but then I knew that he also has an M. You with another girl. He chose her over me. Now, when we pass each other, Its just like I am invisible because he doesn't even look at me just like before. We pretended to be strangers again. I like this song because If only he knows that I can love him better than that girl. He doesn't know how precious he is. :-(
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  • p
    This song is that time where you have fallen completely in love with that one guy. Then, you realize he is in love with another girl and she doesn't even care. This is when you would do anything to be that girl and have that one guy love you cause you would appreciate it. I think every girl goes through this at some point and I have found this song is really helpful to listen to and sing when your going through this. It has really helped me with my dream guy.
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  • j
    Everyone, especially teenagers usually experience this. I'm gonna share mine. So, yeah I am a 7th Grader, a girl, who is not pretty, fat, unpopular but I'm smart and have friends. It was the second week of August, I met him (almost every day) he is a 9th Grader guy. I used to love him for like 5 and a half months. Idk why and how the heck I fell inlove with him. Maybe its because of his simplicity. So continuing the story, maybe he noticed it because whenever he passes by my friends will look at me and will express a stupid face and I will get mad because they make my feelings worst. Okay yes, he knows it. Everytime he walks, I always smile and I'm looking at his eyes, the way he walk, the way he combs his hair, the way he laughs and so on. But he never saw me looking at him, never. I told my cousin, a 9th grader too in our school about him and then after knowing his name she said "OMG Him?". Then I got shocked, she said "You know, he always stalk me, every day he will visit my classroom and he will call me and then he will give me chocolates and stuffs. You know, he is obsessed with me." My heart crushed, got torn, has shattered into a million pieces after I heard that. But my cousin never loved him, all that I can say until now is that "That should be me, not her.". But then, one month have passed, she said that they are in a relationship. That broke me again </3 I still believe that he will notice me. But its too late. Whenever I'm with my cousin and she sees him, she will call him so that they can hangout while me. I will walk away.

    For short:
    I loved someone who can't love me back but that someone loves my cousin but my cousin is too n*mb she didn't appreciated all his efforts for him. That's why I am invisible when I'm with them. I wont talk and simply go away. (non sense story but it happened).
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  • a
    This may contain traces of Drama. This is my story. My best friend, "Jacob" who I've known my whole life, and lives next door, I'm in love with. He is the same age as me, seventeen. I was in love with him from the age of eight, but I didn't know what love was back then. He was my first kiss at thirteen, because he hadn't been kissed yet, so it was at night when he kissed me. But at fifteen, he left to go to America. I told him I loved him, and with a kiss on the forehead he told me I was stupid, and I was way to good for him. He left me. And it's been two years, and I found out he's coming back, but with bad news. He is engaged. So young. So depressing. So unfair.
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  • eHrieJhaynE
    This song also reminds me of my bestfriend. I really like him but he's in love with other girl named jenny. Everytime he sees her, jenny doesn't notice her. But he also never noticed my love for him. He never realized how much I love him. While that jenny girl doesn't like him. And he keeps on pushing himself to that girl. And I'm just here. Waiting for him to love me too. And worst, he just met her like a month ago. We're always together but the time comes he met jenny, I feel like invisible to him.
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