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Taylor Swift – Come In With The Rain lyrics

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    It is about the love of my life, marrying someone else, then wanting to come back to all the laughs we had, laughs which now her mean husband makes sure she never has. Now she only stays because of the little boy she had with him. She can't bare to have to leave the little boy off crying every friday night because if she gets divorced and comes back to her only true love. Me, she paniced and the church conviced her to marry in haste, marring a man she barely knew, who pretended to be a christian just long enough to marry her. He is mean, but she can't leave. Years are going by, and I miss her and she me. We can't go back to the laughs we had, we can only sneak a call one in a great while. But I leave my window open, hoping her and her little bow will come in with the rain. Danawebster@jspros. Com.
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  • s
    "Come in with the rain" is an old expression meaning that when bad times come, people come to their senses and realize what they wanted was there the whole time. She is tired of trying to get this guy to like her so she is just going to wait until he realizes that he likes her too. She isn't going to sing songs about him or keep trying to get his attention, but sooner or later he will come to her.
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  • j
    Like me that I don't even know why his on my mind that sometimes make me sad. That I wanna ask him a lot of questions but I don't have strenght. Then one day for the first time I saw him out of their house playing with two girl their playing chasing and I laugh and the night come I dream about that I talk to him asking why his playing with girls he said nothing and in the school I said myself it was just a dream. Just forget it that he don't feel me the way I was. And I feel sad when I think again that were gonna seperate just 8 months were classmate in high school and at the and of our school his in other place.
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  • j
    4 me. Its her saying. "i love you,your name is what comes out from my mouth every night"but the guy don't even hear it from her then shes lonely again to what happen but she still waiting until the day when she feel tired of waiting, she think she have to move on for so long that she can wait the guy realize what a sacriface she have for him.
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