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Staind – Outside lyrics

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    This song is explaining and showing the complete mental breakdown of a battered man. He was in a relationship that he thought there was mutual love in, though one sought it and the other sought to burn it down. He tried and tried to show love an affection, just so she could see how love truely works. But everytime he made some sort of progression into gaining that true love, he just wound up back at square one, hurt more than the last time. He worked as hard as he could for as long as he could but wound up leaving her, still with that mental abuse fresh in his head. He sees himself as a failure, ugly in his own appearence, and saying that she herself is the creator of that product, meaning she is just as ugly as she made him.
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    I think this is about a boy who was kidnapped and made to do horrible things. He eventually escaped made it to adulthood. So as an adult he feels ugly on the inside because of this and feels judged by everyone. He is so mistrustful and scared. He sees people and feels they are as ugly as he. So tragic.
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  • s
    When I listen to it and see its lyrics, I picture a tormented man. He was a very loyal and faithful man who served his leader very well. His leader was a very admired man who appeared to everyone as a man of integrity and forward thinking as well as peace and love. Although he was this way publicly, he was murderer and carried out fiendish tricks to gain fame and fortune. This loyal man thought of it for the greater good as he was indoctrinated by his leader's glory. He was very skilled and carried out many dreadful things for his leader, and he felt very guilty, insecure, sorrowful, evil, and in pain. He did it to keep up his image to his nefarious leader who he wanted to impress so much. He sometimes begged to not be entrusted with these duties. One day, his leader found him no longer useful, and the man was made an outcast from the organization. At first, he felt guilty and useless, but he began to realize that his leader was just as ugly inside as he was. As he thinks over this, he begins to feel happy about how he is finally... Free. He's free from his master's leash. He can think for himself, and he has no obligations to his organization. He has no need to be anxious about how he would prove himself to his leader. Now, he was finally at peace. He found that he was more peaceful than he would've been by proving himself to his leader. This realization of the fact, that he was now free from his leader's tyranny, gave him hope. Although he could never wash away his past, he could now direct his future for himself with no outside force. Hence him saying in the song, "And I lie here in bed, all alone. Can't mend, but I feel tomorrow will be okay." This song is not the sad ending to a hard story. It is the beginning of a new, beautiful story. A story which he has the privilege to write for himself. He is happy because he realizes that he's not forced into evil anymore. He has a freed himself unknowingly from his leader's tyranny, and he's damn happy about it.
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  • w
    I think this song is about how someone always brought him down all the time and always hated that so he would do that to other people just so he can get the pain out of him and then when he finally leaves the person who do that to him he see what he turn into he like that person and hes sorry for what ever he did do thoese people.
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    I think its about a kid who so wanted his father to love him but saw how he really was inside the family home and not in public to where someone else could see. The father was a hero to everyone else but the kid saw how he and his mother were treated and if the kid acted up then the mother received the aftermath. This makes the kid a downtrotted youth and therefore "ugly" soul and the kid can finally see that the father has the same exact soul.
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