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Panic! At The Disco – She's A Handsome Woman lyrics

Sunk the glow and drowned in covers,
Send for all your absent lovers things.

Sheepish Wolves.
Looking lived in eating buttons,
Wink, just don't put your teeth on me.

Let the evening in the backdoor,
Filled the room ceiling to the floor.

Beat backbones.
Grazed the poem and made it strange,
I wasn't born to be a skeleton.

Go on,
Grab your hat and fetch a camera.
Go on, film the world before it happens.

Jealous orchard.
The sky is falling off the ceiling
While I'm tucking fibs into a cookie jar.

Bombed reverie.
It's useless searching in the cupboards
When everything you have is on your back.

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  • u
    Well in the first verse: "innocents sunk the glow,and drowned in cover send for all your absent lovers things" - it's setting up the story of someone who is drawn to the innocence of another.
    The second verse: sheepish wolves looking lived in eating buttons, wink just don't put your teeth on me - is saying that the innocent one mentioned in the first verse is just a wolf in sheeps clothing, as is the person who is drawn to the innocent one. And they are both fine with that as long as they don't bite each other.
    The third verse: accidents let the evening in the back door filled the room ceiling to the floor - the two make mistakes that fill there surroundings like the even fills the sky, or a room.
    Fourth verse: beat backbones grazed the poem and made it strange I wasnt born to be a skeleton - their will or "back bone" is beat and broken because of their mistakes, so it affects the their thinking aand the way that they write, and the line "i wasnt born to be a skeleton" means that they weren't born to feel so dead.
    And everything else i"m lost.
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  • u
    I think the phrase "film the world before it happens" means to be carefree. Live in the moment, do the unexpected. Don't waste your time; explore and discover new things. I mean, that's kind of the tone of the entire album. Very playful and a little reminiscent, dare I say, of the beatles. This song particularly reminds me of the jabberwocky by lewis carroll. That was full of nonsense words and this is full of, essentially, fun nonsense phrases. Amazing song. My heart melts when brendon says "while i'm tucking fibs into a cookie jar"
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  • ChrisFishA-CrossRiff
    I can agree with Woahmann because there are a lot of songs that make no sense. To us. I'm not sure if they could be as big as the beatles, however if they were in that time, then maybe. Because you've got to think. The Beatles were "a one of a kind" to America. Now everyone sounds like someone.
    The new album is different, but doesn't necessarily suck. I did like the first one better.
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