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BTS – Let Me Know
May 2, 2015
BTS! I love all your songs. Thanks a lot for posting BTS lyrics. Especially this songs. The chorus. Singing by Jungkook. For me it was too perfect. I love it very much. I don't know how I can fall in love with this boy group. Such a long time my interest in Kpop had fade away but it was came back to me since I know BTS. BTS is the only Kpop group that I love right now. BTS fighting. We army's will always support you guys. No matter where you are.
I love this song so much. Thanks for posting this song here. I've been hearing this song over and over again and I don't feel bored or tired at all and it this song still be one of my favourite songs. This song was really great. I love it very much. Once again thanks you.
Sistar – So Cool
Jan 24, 2015
SNSD – Gee
Feb 19, 2013
4 Minute – Change
May 9, 2011
Wonder Girls – Now
Apr 18, 2011
Beast – Bad Girl
Apr 14, 2011
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