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Jang Geun Suk – Hello Hello lyrics

Dapdaphan geori wireul seoseongideon naege
Seuchyeo deullineun mushimhan geu hanmadi
Hello hello jogeum natseoreodo
Eosaekhaji anhatdeon joheun neukkim

Neoege gidaeeodeo dweneungeolkka geokjeongseure
Mobshi gugyeojin jinshimeul pyeolchyeoboimyeo
Thank you thank you
Geujeu gomabdaneun soljikhami jeonhajigo isseo

Geuraeyo hello hello
Gwiyeon naeui cheonsayo
Eonjena naeui gyeoteul jigyeojweoyo
Geuraego thank you thank you
Neoege hagoshipeun hanmadi no no no no
Gomabdaneun geu mal ppunijyeo

Ilbureo tteulineungeswipjin anha geureolsurok
Gyeondyeo naeneunge huhweman dweltenikka
I know I know
Geujeo utgoinneun bbiaeroga joheuljido molla

Ttaemudji anheunchaero ireoseul su isseulkka
Tteoreo naebwado apeumeun ssahijiman
She knows she knows
Ije deoisangeun honjamaneui naeiri anya

Geuraeyo hello hello
Gwiyeon naeui cheonsayo
Eonjena naeui gyeoteul jigyeojweoyeo
Geurigo thank you thank you
Neoege hagoshipeun hanmadi no no no no
Gomabdaneun geu mal ppunijyeo

Su eopshi matdaewatdeon
Geumodeun sesangege
In sahaneun beobeul gareuchyeojun geudaejyeo
Naemame neomchyeonaneun
I meollidireul
Neowa hamkke jikkyeogalgeoya

Geuraeyo hello hello
Gwiyeon naeui cheonsayo
Eonjena naeui gyeoteul jigyeojweojyeo
Geurigoo thank you thank you
Neoege hagoshipeun hanmadi no no no no
Saranghandan gobaekhboda
Gomabdaneun geu hanmadiro
Nae modeun mameul... Jeonhaeyo

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Submitted byhoSunMIN


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    Remember that in the drama the lyrics were written by mary and not myugul. Both of them felt that they couldn't trust anyone since they've been betrayed so many times by everyone (even their parents that were always causing them troubles). That is why mary writes the contract and insists on him to sign it but he refused bc he's been cheated by contracts a lot. (evil b*tch manager?) later he signs it but for both of them trusting and feeling like they could count on someone was not on the picture of their life. That is why its a thank you more than I love you bc she/he feels grateful that finally she/he finds someone they can rely on and trust. ^_^.
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    This is mu gyul's song of thanks to mae ri. He is telling her a simple honest "thank you" for her friendship and loyalty to him. He never had anyone to trust and depend on his whole life until her. That is why this is a thank you over a love confession.
    I don't really understand how the second couple stanzas: "it's not easy to be deliberately wrong... " and "would i be able to stand up without becoming dirtied? " relate to mu gyul. I think maybe the former has to do with their love being frowned upon by the parents, therefore "wrong. " or perhaps he is talking of the hardships in his life. In the latter stanza I think he is daring to think about making the most out of his life. In the drama he talks about how he will definitely be a successful musician to take care of mae ri. He wonders if he "stands up" will he "become dirtied" aka fail. When he fails or things don't go right, he brushes himself off even though the situation is painful. And he is not alone. Mae ri is with him. So "no longer is tomorrow only mine. "
    Then, "the world i've confronted so many times you've taught me to greet it," he has become a more happy and open person because of mae ri. He is learning to trust and not close himself off to other people. (he used to only date a person for a month and then break up because he never wanted to get married).
    This is from "mary stayed out all night".
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