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In this song the singer finds out that a former lover of his got married ("Today I heard you got a new last name") and hearing about this upset him and made him think about his former lover nonstop. The radio playing a lot of "songs about rain" (the songs that are mentioned in the chorus) doesn't help him feel any better.
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There's a plane flyin' outta here tonight
With an empty first class seat
'Cause I've finally got all my priorities in line
And I'm right where I need to be
As he said before it kills him to leave his wife alone all the time. Because of this, he doesn't sit in his first class seat on the plane in order to sit with his wife on the plane.
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I love Gary Allan's music and pairing him with a legend like Willie Nelson for a song like this is perfect. Gary knows how to pour emotion into his music and this is just another great example of it. The song is about the life of a musician on the road and the emotional toll it takes on them. While being a showman has its highs ("the pretty girls, and the wine, and the money, and the good times") it also has its lower points ("the wear and tear on an old honky tonker's heart"), which refers to being away from your family for so long (he also talks about the lonely wife at the beginning). Definitely one of Gary's better songs although it isn't well known.
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