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PNTHN – ​deathbed lyrics
[Verse 1: Kenny Casanova]
Pull up to da exxon
Quarters for tha vegas
Southern fried niggas
Got purple swisha layers
Tippin on 4s
Pistol whippin playa hatas
Rollin dine to sonic
Shoes bluer den a bonnet
Roller rink boppin
Hoes lookin like an option
Drop it like its water
Like my classes back in college
She like fuel city ima eat out all her taco
Summa neva stop almeda got it hotter
Drift in sa
Down tha way in port arthur
Shout all my niggas why they pushed em out of austin
Give af bout what cops say
P. O. Had me caught up
Nigga not rock no gosha
Watch all these niggas turn knock off
If u dissin stripper u a nigga not bout his dollar
Nigga know I won't miss em nigga gon speedial on his doctor
E and j what I'm missin so I gotta cop mo moesha
Nigga got purple ribbons u thought a nigga had turn cold freiza

[Verse 2: Gulfwey]
Howling in a drop top
Prowling to the car wash
Eatin on that lengua
Bad bish she Norteña
La fumo con ella
Split it with la raza
Speeding in da Mazda
Dread head Rasta
You is as an impasta
You ain’t from the trill nigga
We be rocking hilfiger
Most the shit ain’t real nigga
Some the hoes is gold diggers
Most the niggas hoe niggas
But they got some real to em
Glad I ain’t have to kill two of em
Bitch I’m finna hit em with that lean
I’m off the green bean oil sheen hoe I'm a clean
I’m on the winning team, every nigga got rings
We ain’t slowing down till we leave this hoe in wings
Catch me on the scene, with the blackberry screen, Pimps dentify me as a nigga on the team
How tf you find me, I’m ducked off, Charlie Sheen
They ask what the ties mean, told em ask the og
Pass the crimesheet, need a paper for this weed
I been on a crime spree since I turned 16
Walk higher than kites be, don’t treat us less than no Kings
You know where to find me, my village thrive undersea

[Verse 3: twohorizonra]
Yea bitch I’m ridin’ in Candy paint
Fuck what them haters think
Cruisin’ I’m Racing that Lex
Slabbin q45
Some real niggas on the rise
How I do it it’s no surprise
Finna blow a stack on a pack
Fake man ye ain’t make no racks
Buss down Rollie these slacks from Sax
I’m kissing that pink give a fuck what you think new mink I cop from Mexico
Cornerstone tacos for the low
That petrol slow burn methods hoe
Still posted at the Texaco
Colt 45 my breath I’m ghost
Slide 45 thru tha turnin’ lane
Struck out still hit dtx for some wangz n rangz mma do my thang
That 214 kick down ya door
In 210 I percolate
713 I spill ma drank
Drape draped out and dripped up
512 break all the rules
No fake love ma rims is dub

[Verse 4: Tony Tone]
Lsd in my cerebral cortex
Can't afford me I'm gorgeous
Can't afford me I'm porcelain
Knew I was god in like 4th grade
Bitch u an actor u cannot portray
Do all my stunts
I'm due for an oscar
Bitches keep making me pasta
You an npc in my story mode
Bitch I'm in yo crib like corys show
Take a nap off of hydroco
Lean dip for my oreos
Then I needa brick of the cortisone
Woke up in a new world
When the old me went ego death
This my hero quest and I do suggest
If u ain't hip better get to it
Hoe I stay buck till the sun rise
Back to bed sippin mescaline
Take the bitch out the lunch line
Made my juice spill whatta mess we in
Papa born n raised mexican
Mama born n raised immigrant
Then my skin mixed it made a fair skin
But ill turn on my skin in the race war
Hoe donald trump ain't safe long as I breathe the air made for us
You fascist fucks ain't safe long as I breathe the air that was made for us
Bump pnthn house of gods
When u blunt cruise on a car ride
This ain't album of the year muhh fucker
This the greatest shit of fuckin all time

[Verse 5: Yd]
Cruise dine da street
Gold chain
Jesus piece
Hit a licccc
At da next gastion
Find me
In da back
Off da woods
Smoke away my problems
If I get
Mo bills dats mo deals off da dolla
In my 20s dey still ask me where I'm at
Lost inside my demons
Tryna get my soul back
Ki kick away depression
I been told it comes back
I'm protected by the evil
When it bites it bite back
Sit-in side ways
Looking at my life sideways
Sunrays thank God for the day I get uh nother chance
In this game we all play
N I'ma go an win it
Like my las name bousche

[Outro: dc4prez]
Sirens in the rear
Diamonds on me clear
Put that on my deathbed
Put that on my deathbed
Pull up in that vip
Pull up wit that drip
Put that on my deathbed
Put that on my deathbed

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