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Young Zee – Toxic Waste lyrics

[Intro sound of flame: Chronic]
Yo, I'm feeling that Musical Meltdown
Light that shit up nigga

I write my name in Graffiti, with aluminum seizers
Zee One... What that spell?
Hahahha, zooonnneee
Yeah niggas, clinch your motherfucking tongue
Loon One, adelic-funk, Outsidaz yeah
Fuck your stepchild, bust it, acid on your tongue nigga
Lime green, bust it, with the silk smoke screen
Yeah bust it, no brain dope less, fix your focus on the roach clips
Bust it, yeah yeah, come down one time motherfucking young zee

[Loon One:]
Across seas and galaxies beating bums
Loon One, lights, camera, action
Break fake men to fractions, and black pins
Point punctuations, my bombing dropping dimes in cavemen when basin
Bring Satan
Sucks in the blunt flim from lung, drug eardrum percussion
To make brain waves change functions, eruptions
Handcuffed in the substance abuse
No escape from fine, sentencing, acid produced
Blue Magic, Outsidaz, adelic-funk, watch the drastic
Tones, the stones will have your...

Augghhh... Uh... Ahhh
Now you will witness a mc rapping
Off tabs and mushrooms (the mush... Mushrooms)

[Young Zee:]
I'm the drunk with the felt pin
Tabs ain't helpin, in the zone I feel my skeleton meeellltiin
(Yeah, it's the tabs and the mushrooms, yeah yeah)
Go all night fucking Snow White like Dopey
My whole bedroom smells like asshole and Potpourri
Nasty, I'll (It's the tabs and the mushrooms)
Yeah yeah, a rabbit wants a carrot
The rich parrot is a rap (we), now Polly wants a Townhouse cracker
My brains lifted, drift and splifted
I'm liquid like Atlantic Pacific
Ulysses, Seven, Alvin, Khalil Fishes
This is all my aliases
In the movie theatre, a pound of hash
Lady sings the blues or Shafts
Boots and Boxes alone
A real cool place, writing raps
Rats blowing on my two shoelace
I wanna come down, lit the acid and leave me alone
Let me click my boots three times and come home
(Yeah, it's the tabs and the mushrooms)
But now I'm back, hittin
All forbidden kitten strapped with my mitten
Your whole click can suck my sick while I'm shittin
Boy, Young Zee and Loon on a tune
I'm unloading my Uzi, woozy off booze
(Yeah it's the drugs in my body... And the beer)
The scrambled eggs is my brain frying
The King Lion on Mount Zion, high and ready to pump iron
(Yeah it's the tabs and the mushrooms yeah yeah)
I steal massive amounts of corrosions in the ocean
And cause an explosion on all the boats floatin
(Yeah, yeah it's the tabs and the mushrooms yeah yeah)
My brains on drugs, no I'm dying
My brains on drugs, no I'm dying
My brains on drugs, no... Let me come down

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