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Young Bleed – Bring The Noise lyrics

Featuring Master P, Mystikal
[Master P]
This for my nigga Young Bleed, ya heard me?
Young Bleed, hah hah, ungh
From the South to the West bring the noise
(Bitch I see you there, whas happenin?
Oh what you don't remember me? I'ma come out motherfucker, know how I do)
Ain't No Limit, unggggh
Ungggggh, bring the noise, nigga
Ungggggh, pass me them toys, nigga
(repeat 2X)
You need a fuckin whole army if you think you gonna take me
I come up in this bitch and start goin CRAZY
No more Mr. Nice Guy, excuses be given but that's how you MADE me
Bitch this real life, it ain'ts to be played with
One false move, niggaz I tear purchasin the pavement
Had to get my shit together straight never flyin right from a sandpit
Had to get my foundation mo' stable, and tighten up on my PAPER
Uncle Sam get out the way I don't care so hand the number
To my pager watchin for weasels, but still take good care of my PEOPLE
Keep handlin my business I'm in it to win it -- YEAH!
Fuck the party I'm workin hard from seargeant to lieutenant
Let's get it started to fin' it, my beginning is your ending
HOW IN THE FUCK you gonna PLAY ME, smile in my face like you LIKE me
Bitch you might as well HATE ME, you don't value my LIFE
Determination, balls of fate, is how I got up in here
So don't get SHOT up in here get out the way bitch we GOT IT from here!
Chorus: Master P
So, bring the noise, niggaz unnnngh
So, pass me them toys, nigga unngggggh
(repeat 2X)
Niggaz duck when I came I mean I buck and they ran
How many fools screamin Soldier but they couldn't maintain
I had my Soldier ranks high and across

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