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X-Phaze – On To The Next Phaze lyrics

Hey everybody my names Phaze, been spry since my shin high days
And even though I could bust a rhyme, time to time, I might even bust a
Cause when I was a kid I was deviated, head butted the norm and affiliated
My style with a style untolerated, then I created and I awaited, my
For the day they would praise such a craze in amazement
Instead they began to stare so I escalated to an elevated place called my
If you don't like me suck some sagged supple utters, cause I...
Never gonna figure what happens in my mind, Imma do it even when I get on
Prime time
When I combine rhymes divine like nine Quines, you are gonna get why my
Shines one of a kind
Making every single person bob they head, with common sense, looking like a
Bobble head
All this bopping and hippin' and hoppin' even a monotonous (hip-hop)
Hippopotamus'd dig what we did
You prolly haven't understood some of the words I've... Said but I am the
Best that you never heard of
Add a little bit of this, I'm ready to murda, any brainwashing rapper that
You ever heard of
So you better tell em bye bye, cause even when it ain't 10 o'clock, you be
Knowing it's my time
Limelight, I never get any rest days, kill shit then is on to the next

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