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Wizards Of Waverly Place – Wizards Of Waverly Place Theme lyrics

Well you know everythings gonna be a breeze
At the end without doubt, just defy the means
You can fix any problem with the slightest of ease
Yes please

But you might find out it'll go to your head
When you write a report on a book you never read
With the snap of your fingers you can make your bed
That's what I said

Everything is not what it seems
When you can get all you wanted in your wildest dreams
You might run into trouble if you go to extremes
Because everything is not what it seems

Everything is not what it seems
When you can have what you want by the simplest of means
Be careful not to mess with the balance of things
Because everything is not... What it seems

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    By " Defy the means" I'm going to say it means defying the means of normality since she is a wizard and she can pretty much make everything easier thus "every things gonna be a breeze"
    For the second verse I'm going to say she gets a bit carried away and starts using magic for everything such as writing her book reports and making her bed.
    The 3rd is simple Alex is always going to extremes and getting in trouble for doing some crazy stuff.
    And finally the fourth verse "Everything is not what it seems when you can.
    Have what you want by the simplest of means" So by using magic to get what she wants( which is most of the time) Don't expect that what she does or gets is normal or ordinary ((Not sure if that made much sense sounded better in my head ^^; )) "Be careful not to mess with the balance of things" well because everything can get all messed up and go wrong which happens a lot in this show ^^
    This is just my guess that's all.
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