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White Flag – Ticket To Moscow lyrics

Hey man, gimme your name
I've got a mailing list I wanna put you on
I said hey red, it's the end of your game
I'm gonna rocket you to a golden dawn

Yeah you, it's a great free land
Our first amendment guarantees it
Hey man, are you telling me
That in the Soviet Union you'd ever see it?

I've got two tickets for your paradise
So take 'em and listen to my advice
Just try and preach freedom and tell me how
They treat you in good old Moscow

Hey man, that's not a sickle
That's a big yellow question mark
That sits there at the end of the phrase
How can you lead when you're all in the dark?

[Bridge 1:]
You can join American Nazi Party
Join th N.A.A.C.P.
Sell your soul to the K.K.K.
And you don't have to worry 'bout the K.G.B.


[Bridge 2:]
I know you say there's something missin'
Freedom of speech till rebels start to listen
I say "that's right, eliminate public danger"
We want answers not some communist rearranger
Love it or leave [4x]

Hey man, it's our free land
We don't need a preacher teachin' us to slave
And hey man, you're so blind
You can't see beyond the banner you wave

You failed at life, no reason to live
You've got nothing left to give
Socialist equality sound "really rad"
Be equally poor and equally sad

Go back to the U.S.
Back to the U.S.
Back to the U.S.S.R.

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