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White Flag – At The Mountains Of Madness lyrics

I feel no pain, freon flowing through my vein
On the wall, down the hall, I fade out
No pain, no pain, echoes like electric train
Standing tall, watch it fall, silent shout
No way to stay, nothing left to fade away
End of line, nursery crime, no way out
You scream, I dream, out of phase and in between

Shadows shine, make it mine, you fade out


Sometimes I feel like my friends
they all let me down, gone underground
Sometimes I feel like my friends
all let me down, gone underground

I call you crawl, something like an iron wall
Smash it up, burn it down, it fades out
Sideshow you play, sideways in electric phase
Turn my black, knife attack, there's no doubt
Burn black, turn back, fire like a maniac
Fix your head, run instead, don't work it out
Split fire, hot wire, memory of a constant liar
Close my eyes, fantasize, you fade out

Emptied out my arms and you say
"No-no! I never will believe it"
Built your house of cards
but you think it's all right
Hiding in the night
Sheltered from the light
That you know would make you turn to dust

All pain, all pain, neon lightning in my brain
Shattered lines, end of times, in my eyes
You turn, now learn, scribing let the letters burn
Fill this space -------- then erase, all your lies
1-2-3-4, everybody's gotta score
Lonely friend, come to me, sweet white angel
5-6-7-8 who keeps moving heaven's gate?
Need some more, always more, just to get there


never fall in love with a vampire
because they'll suck you dry

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