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Werd – Drop (The Accent) lyrics

Scottish accent c***
Ken who it is mate

Who in the scene gone do it like this
Mainstream beat and I re remix
Not for the heads one for the kids like
Every body in the club get pished
Make club a song
Make a thug song
Make a love song
Knout that a does wrong
I'm a beast get a beat I can bust on
I need bread roll and a cruson
Yeah I'm the c*** from Auld Reekie
And you all say I'm so cheeky
Scots can't rap oh really
Fuck your life this is Auld Reekie
You can't make a c*** of us
We all about the bars if you had this much
Then you gone be just as drunk as us
(You gone be just as drunk as us)

[Ying Yang Twins]

It's not New York not Cali
I just sound like me and I'm swallyed
You sound like me when am vallied
You should stay on your toes like it's ballet
What the fucks wrong
Where come from
You don't sound like a Scot when you does songs
So you suck dong
Move the fuck on
We don't like fake jakes get to fuck son
Yeah you come from Auld Reekie
If you act fake your so cheesy
That aint you like oh really
Fuck your life this is Auld Reekie
Want a quote here is one for the captions
Fuck all the fakes and the acts that are acting
All the people with the fake ass accents just
(Drop that mother fucker)

[Ying Yang Twins]

See him with the accent he is just acting
So c*** I'm laughing now
See him with the accent he is just acting
He will get a stabbing now

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