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Werd – Single Again lyrics

Ha ha it's W. E. Are. D.
Got that remix baby a ken a ken a ken
It's half of S. O. S.
See I'm single again mate
Back on my grind
Shout out to Edinburgh

[Trina - Chorus]

You know what a did and where I'm at
And I went solo like Werd is back
So you can call me single
Hot on the drum kicks call me Ringo
No star but you catch touch mine
You might find I am loosing my mind
Don't speak like a mime, a blow like mine
This is Werdos c*** little Derek's doing fine
Back in scene so fresh so clean
I'm an Outcast mate if you know what I mean
I write sixteens since sixteen
And since then mate av been token the green
Ken what I mean I ken I am mean
I take ketamean cause am stressed in the scene
And this is me dumbing down
Cause if a do that then there's more coming out

[Trina - Chorus]

I'm back c*** best believe it
What I want I'm gone achieve it
Cunts say the fame they don't need it
That cause they aint got none they don't mean it
Tell haters it's just a remix
And tell sook ups get off ma penis
I love this I wont leave this
I drop bombs just like Hiroshima's
Yeah so fuck your life
Give me one chance I will fuck your wife
Give me one dance fall in love tonight
But in the morn I am out of sight
Like I'm gone yeah am I wrong
Cause I chose rap and not to write songs
To fight the norm for a brighter morn
So check out the king man fuck you pawns

[Trina - Chorus]

Fuck you pay me something like a hooker say
And if you don't fuck you I'm hooking you
You can't rap you are looking gay
With no energy need lucazade
Sounding the same you sound too plain
And I am fly like the sound of a plane
Fuck rap that's right I said it
Like Chris Rock stand up c*** I'm a get it
What the whole thing yeah and that ring
Call me [fades out]

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