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Werd – Vienna lyrics

Yo pay attention man
This ones for the other emcees
Just my thoughts you know listen up

I got a question if you rapping as well
Is that music for yourself or for people to sell
And when you write a rhyme do you think of a basis
Do you either overcomplicate or make too basic
And if you do spit sick on base kicks
There's no demand man fans chosen their favorites
Because shops is selling these rappers will felonies
That cut crack bust ghats is that what they telling you
I don't trust these celebrities
I respect the broke cunts that just do it anyway
That swing clubs and got it down to a T
That get paid pennies but would do it for free
See that hustle it's nothing to a G
But that's like Vienna it means nothing to me

[Sample: Ultravox]
The feeling has gone only you and I
It means nothing to me
This means nothing to me
Oh, Vienna

I am
Walking a thin line but with this gift I will grip mics
Spit it with a thirst never think twice
About being on top I want to live my Life
To the point that I didn't wish I that I'd taken a different flight
So now I'm in the position where people give advice
You got to show them who you are when they hit the lights
To never show no weakness no crib tonight
And al be happy in death long as I did it right
And if the memory fades al never let it get to that stage
Cause my music is getting replayed
And when my time is done I will let the pendulum sway
So make a smile raise a brow if they mention my name
Just remember that how I came up and showed them the deal
I made something from nothing
I don't think they know how it feels in this field

[Sample: Ultravox]
The image has gone only you and I
It means nothing to me
This means nothing to me
Oh, Vienna

My tongue flicks on drum kicks you dumb s***s get done quick
Have fun with your one hit then fuck it your done with
I come with that c*** shit that chav shit I run this
No gun clips or drug flips so judge it on just this
There's no underground see it's good or it's not
Because if I was popular you'd be calling me pop
If you add a wee guitar you start calling it rock
Fuck it call it what you want man am stoned out my box
Trying fucking figure out how to figure it out
But all I got so far is get your finger out now
Too many rappers are sitting and rapping
Expecting shit just to come and start happening
I'm not slagging but it's my passion
So I get pissed off with you following fashions
Following flash and just trying to cash in
Say that you make it that's when I start laughing

[Sample: Ultravox]
The feeling has gone only you and I
It means nothing to me
This means nothing to me
Oh, Vienna

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