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Visceral Bleeding – Time To Retaliate lyrics

This fucking bastard is getting on my nerves
Always mouthing off, reek of foul odour
Grotesque appearance, ugly as shit
Just one look at him makes me wanna vomit

This fucking bastard is getting on my nerves
Always mouthing off, reek of foul odour
The sound of his voice sends shivers down my spine
I can't take it any more now his ass is mine

Time to retaliate
Slash the c*** off ram it down his throat
Hit him kick him, no mercy will be shown
He will suffer for his ignorance

Suffer severely for my sweet revenge
Breaking his arms with a violent snap
Put his legs up stomping his kneecaps
He screams out in pain, bleeding, begs for life

He will feel pain unknown this worthless piece of shit
Time to burn him, work him over with a blowtorch
Skin is melting skin is melting
Sour smell, makes me vomit
Makes me hate him even more

Hacking with my knife I will go berserk
Slashing up his stomach, ripping up his throat
Stabbing his face, peeling out his eyes
Drenching myself in blood

Carve out his heart, squash it with my foot
And every other organ waiting in his gut
When I'm through with him, there won't be anything left
Total dismemberment, is all that's in my head

This sorry motherfucker should've left my world alone
Minded his own business, not interfered with mine
Start to pour out gasoline all over the remains
Burning bright he'll soon be gone, no one will ever know

It's time for retaliation
Suffer my violent retort
Vengeance is mine
Time to retaliate

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