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Vico – She Luvs Me lyrics

She said I'm the one she's excited to see
I keep her feelin good give her vitamin D
You can't holla at her she way out of your league
Just stole a flying spurr driving drunk down your street
My mind is gone I'm in need of some brains
My whole life long they said I needed 2 change
I do the dirty work and then leave on a plane
You always find pleasure underneath all the pain
This the cold water for all you avid sleepers
So wake up roll a dutch and blast the speakers
Ur music's getting boring my tracks getting is deeper
You better get a space ship if you intent to reach us
Y'all just a bunch of peasant so suck a di** and die
I'm hovering on you bitches you know my shit is fly
Guilty by association y'all inherited the beef
I'm out in france with G's dodging the paris police
Blueberry the weed I burry M. C's
Analyzing every bar they're very intrigued
I tower over everybody compare me and see
I'm declaring a war they declaring the peace
But this militia mind on my militia grind
Recording day and night the type of shit that gets you signed
They wish I'd fade to black
But instead imma shyne
Yea they call me the future cuz I'm ahead of my time

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