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Toothpick – The High Life lyrics

I remember when I lived for candy and cartoons
I also remember the first time I ate shrooms
It was me, little John, Chris Vergera, and Joe
We all ate an eighth at a Grateful Dead show
Joe told me in slow motion it feels so good
Then he turned into Peter Pan and ran into the woods
I found a vw bus with the keys inside
And I could see just enough to take it for a joy ride
I started in New York, ended up in la
Thought it took ten minutes but it took ten days
I stayed for two weeks made love with two freaks
When they found out I was seventeen they made me leave

That's the high life I got no regrets
I do fucked up shit get high and forget
It's so out of control it's all disrespect
I might say sorry then I do it again

Well I used to steel lollipops, candy and gum
Sold 'em two for fifty cents in the back of the bus
I was an entrepreneur went from Blow Pops to blow
To t-shirts with Nancy Reagan saying "just say no"
Plus picture me cutting your grass in army fatigues
Choppin' down trees 'til someone pays me to leave
Then I show up at your house drunk on a lawn mower
Honk the horn and tell your mom its cool to be sober
I dare you to keep kid off drugs 'cause life sucks
When you're in the suburbs with a backwards hat driving a truck
And the smart kids go to college to change the world
Then all they want to do is come home and fuck high school girls

That's the high life I got no regrets
I do fucked up shit get high and forget
It's so out of control it's all disrespect
I might say sorry then I do it again

It go:
Throw the little ticket in the back of the drawer
Tell the judge don't pay me no mind
Throw the little pink ticket in the back of the drawer
'Cause I'll be out in six days with a fine

Well I realized when I get high I don't make any progress
I quit smokin' for six days and I wanted to run for Congress
To advance legislation
For the legalization
Of marijuana but I got stoned and lost my motivation
It's the same sad story every time I apply for a job
A piss test to see if I get high
Well I do so I'm stuck in this sorry as town
Where white kids trick out Hondas and drive around
And everyone I know wants to be Eminem
I just want to do my own shit and be his best friend
But years of substance abuse got me lost and confussed
I see my toes through my shoes now I'm singing the blues

That's the high life now its all regret
I did fucked up shit now I'll never forget
I was out of control I had no respect
Now I'm sorry and I swear I'll never do it again
That's the high life

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