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Toothpick – Scars For Entertainment lyrics

I thought we kissed under the blue moon
How can there be six walls in a square room
Hide my eyes through the glare in the window
I saw you making angels in the pink snow
I reached out and touched clouds it was so real
Now the sheets on my bed are made of cold steel
Why is it me that's not thinking in a straight line
So scared I only sleep in the daytime
And even then I can only close one eye
I hear you walk a little slower as you go by
With no shoelaces no fork and no knife
I guess they don't trust me with my own life

Friends of yours are friends of mine
Now let's get together and have a good time
Sayin' it's alright the sun still shines
The earth still spins and you're still mine

With your hands on your chest you take a deep breath
Still afloat but you know you have to jump ship
See I remember the time when we were all friends
Now I can't see over the picket fence
If I look straight up I see the yellow sky
All this medicine makes me a mellow guy
And sometimes I can feel just enough to cry
And wonder why blue tears come from brown eyes
'Cause when your just wakin' up I know my days done
But in the end we all came from the same sun
And I'm calm but they're afraid to let me go free
I'd rather live one day than die slowly

I'm a collection of scars for entertainment
Deep cuts and I wonder where the pain went
Mom and Dad said its all for my own good
Counting cards and I memorized the phone book
I sent a message in a bottle but it came back
I used to waste time in a pink Cadillac
With faded photographs stapled to the dashboard
I hang on your lips 'til the very last word

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