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Too Much On The Beat – Party Bout To Pop lyrics

Too Much, yt, and uhh... Faze
Let's go

[Chorus: x2]
1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock, rock
5, 6, 7 o'clock, 8 o'clock, rock
11 o'clock, 12 o'clock, the party bout to pop
The party bout to pop, the party bout to, party bout to

[Too Much:]
Swagger, ultra mean, indeed it's he
Too much, spotless from his feet to his tee
Chick lookin from a far and don't believe it's me
Crack a smile, watch em run like dmc
Cause I'm fresh than a mug, gettin pressed by the s***s
Cause I'm, too clean like I slept in the tub
Got the spot jerkin as I stepped in the club
As long as lean up in my chest than I'm good
We gone jerk all night, honeys still boppin
Yt and Faze, garanteed poppin
And me, I'm straight from a dc comic
My neck stone cold just like steve austin
Or boston, thought you knew
Straight sick of these lames, I burry more than drew
What it do, the party bout to pop
So lil mama can stop starin at the clock like

[Chorus x2]

The party bout to pop like a mothafuckin glock
So I hit up all the bros at about 8 o'clock
I'm like, let's function they say somethin that it's not
So I sagged all the bros at about 9 o'clock
On the way to the party and we bout to make a stop
For some mango kush, and some jose cuervo
Tryna get turnt, tryna have my eyes lay low
It's nothin to yt I get bread like a bagel
You a hole, I stack like legos
In the party turnt up, don't give a damn who say
I jerk, I bounce, I dip
I lean, I step, I skip
And your girl, I flipped
Spit a little game and leave her hangin like a lip
Ha, so don't even trip
I get it poppin like a pimple in this bitch

[Chorus x2]

The party bout to pop, the party bout to pop
Let's get the shit jumpin, like hopscotch
Ayy, I'm a beast on the beat and yeah, I got props
I'm a beast in the street and yeah, I got guap
Smokin blizzies like I spit ashes
Chick magnet, yeah I spit magic
I'm a steez, from my toes to my elbows
To my brain, it's a wrap like gift baskets,
Damn, and you could hate, you could hate
Cause a nigga laughin straight to the bank
Ay, I got fits and I'm back in the spot
Plus my money still rise cause I'm stackin a lot
Oh you got some new kicks, this will happen a lot
Cause I ain't talkin fast food when I'm jackin the box
And any means or issues, I'm a ball
And if you tryna chief, I'm the nigga you could call like

[Chorus x2]

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