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Too Much On The Beat – Heart On The Shelf lyrics

I tried to tell you not to leave but you just wanna go
It's hard to talk to you when you're angry
It's only us in this world versus everyone else
So when you leave me lonely my heart is on the shelf

[Too Much:]
I ain't a boxer, but me and you
That's the best 1, 2 combination that I ever threw
You the flyest chick that I ever knew
That's why I need you by my side, or else I might die
I just my suffocated
We was movin too fast, I only suggested that we pump our brakes
Then you start callin up your girlfriends all mad
Teary eyed, sayin I ruined the best thing I had
She loved me ya'll, and I don't say that too brag
For the simple fact, we only exist in the past
Talkin bout, she ain't with the backtrack business
Throwin away my letters like they had anthrax in it
Not pickin up my calls like my last name's collector
First name bill, we just really to chill
Don't let a misunderstandin tear us apart
You should know you really hurt my heart


[Dan Blac:]
I need you by my side, or else I might die
I need you by my side, or else I might die
I need you by my side, or else I might die
I need you by my side, or else I might die

[Too Much:]
I, rejected four letters, I could have chose whether
To be or not be, I should have chose better
Sunny skies or dark clouds, I could have chose the weather
But just like that clothing line, I didn't knobetta
I was self centered, now we just tear pictures
So sick, I'm headed to the nearest health center
We let a misunderstandin take part
Not a doctor, but I know you can't live without a heart
So don't go


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