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Tony Yayo – To The Top lyrics

Swine flu part 2 nigga the pandemic
Uh swine flu part 2 nigga

The red pelle hold a llama I'm a
Red belly pirnaha, clips banana
Check my persona I gets all your free times
Drive past a hater give him half of a peace sign

I smoke exotic my bitch exotic
Scene is the aspens she feeling erotic
Hot tub in the moutain
Your boy frank getting you hot rubbed from the suckden
You ain't about nothing
We get that dope, we get that guap
We get the lookers we rockin bookers
We get that cheddar we living better
On the yaught just like a sailor
On the g5 I'm so high
G-unit we on top, it's hot
You hate we on top, and we won't stop

Climb to the top nigga
Won't stop we gon climb to the top nigga
Never fell off we gon climb to the top nigga
Huh keep climbing to the top nigga
Lloyd banks gon climb to the top nigga
50 cent gon climb to the top nigga
Yayo gon climb to the top nigga
G-unit we climbing to the top

Sha money what's good
Panademic, I mean pandemic
When I use them big words I fuck up myself you know
You know that's what happened before everything nigga
Y'all niggaz know what it is man
It's the unit baby
Yea, I would like to thank
A million downloads all the fans out there
Appreciate it they hate, all the bloggers
Booboo tv also
Can't forget miss info tv

Hip hop game, media takeout
Rap radar, global grind
Real talk, d-live, concrete lou
I'm on y'all man
Tmz, even the one's that's hating man
Nahright we love y'all to man
Ha ha ha ha
I'm into the game like 50 man
Tryna get rich, yeaaa
I ain't gon talk too much
Like I said shout out thisis50
Y'all number 1 big c ross

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