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Thrice – The Flame Deluge lyrics

I feel that I was meant for something more
My curse, this awful power to unmake
And ever since you found your taste for war
You forced me onto those whose life you'd take

While Guernica in peaceful valley lay
And Dresden dreamed of anything but death
The day was turned to night and night to day
You let me loose upon their fragile flesh

And so I hid among the smaller things
You found me there and ferried me above
The flame deluge is waiting in the wings
The smallest thread holds back the second flood

And who will stand to greet the blinding light
It's lonely when there's no one left to fight

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    "The Flame Deluge" is actually about bombs and nuclear energy.

    Nuclear energy is "meant for something more" in that it can power infrastructure and is the subject of continuing research.

    Guernica and Dresden are sites of historical bombing attacks, with a great number of civilian deaths.

    "The flame deluge is waiting in the wings
    The smallest thread holds back the second flood"
    This refers to the persistent possibility of the use of nuclear weaponry.

    "And who will stand to greet the blinding light"
    Nuclear bombs have detonations bright enough to blind anyone who sees it based on their proximity to the detonation.

    "It's lonely when there's no one left to fight"
    The layman's observation, in which nuclear war is actually imminent, suggests that humans would wipe each other out with nukes.

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  • Blayed
    The Flame Deluge is written from the perspective of the element of Fire, commenting about the way man has used it as a weapon and tool for destruction. The first and second stanzas illustrate this nicely, while the third and fourth display the element's feelings of remorse for its mis-used power, and give Fire the image of a misunderstood beast (Comparable to Frankenstien's monster). This "tortured beast" image is also found in the washed out screaming in which the lyrics are sung.
    This song is one of 4 songs on The Alchemy Index which is written in Iambic Pentameter, The Flame Deluge, Kings Upon the Main, Silver Wings, and Child of Dust.
    Each of these songs is written to illustrate the relationship between man and each represented element (in order according to song titles listed above), Fire, Water, Air and Earth.
    The last 2 lines of each of these 4 songs are all rhyming couplets, which share a vocal melody.
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