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Thrice – Kings Upon The Main lyrics

The lesson you'd do well not to forget
Your life could be the one it's wisdom saves
At sea, where you're beleaguered and beset
On every side by strife of wind and waves

Despite the best of maps and the bravest men
For all their mighty names and massive forms
There'll never be and has never been
A ship or fleet secure against the storms

When kings upon the main have clung to pride
And held themselves to masters of the sea
I've held them down beneath the crushing tide
Till they have learned that no one masters me

But grace can still be found within the gale
With fear and reverence, raise your ragged sail

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  • Blayed
    This song is written in the perspective of the element of Water. This song serves as a warning to man not to treat the water lightly, and to remember that it is truely in charge when setting sail. The first three stanzas show Water's warning to man, and demonstrate it's power, for example "I've held them down beneath the crushing tide, Till they have learned that no one masters me.". The last stanza basically states that man may use the water, but must be respectful and not overstep their bounds.
    This song is one of 4 songs on The Alchemy Index which is written in Iambic Pentameter, The Flame Deluge, Kings Upon the Main, Silver Wings, and Child of Dust.
    Each of these songs is written to illustrate the relationship between man and each represented element (in order according to song titles listed above), Fire, Water, Air and Earth.
    The last 2 lines of each of these 4 songs are all rhyming couplets, which share a vocal melody.
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  • j
    I believe your anger has clouded the true meaning of this song for you my friend. While you may hate God, just know that he loves you. But I won't push that point any further since I know it can be difficult to hear. While this is my interpretation of the song, it is a fact that Dustin is a Christian. He is a deep thinker and I think it would do him injustice to say that the meaning of this song is no emotionally deeper than just a simple story about men sailing the ocean. I'm assuming you are a Thrice fan as I am. We both know that Dustin's lyrics are emotional. The Alchemy Index is not as soulless as just a bunch of songs about the elements. You only need to look at songs titled "Image of the Invisible" and "Come all ye Weary" to know that they come directly from the Bible. Other songs like, "The Abolition of Man", come directly from C. S. Lewis writings. C. S. Lewis is a Christian philosopher from the 40's. If you get the time, you should read C. S. Lewis' "Mere Christianity" or "The Abolition of Man". It would give good insight into Dustin's lyrics and may show that Christians think a little deeper than the world gives them credit for.
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  • j
    It should be noted that Water and the Ocean are metaphors for God. The last stanza symbolizes God's promise to us: even after rebellion and heartache. We can come to Him and still be loved and accepted. This song demonstrates the folly of man. To believe man is master of all and without the need for God. However, pride and arrogance always leads to a fall. This is symbolized by the ragged sail. If we set sail for a life of good-hearted devotion to God, He will freely give us love us grace. Dustin Kensrue is a devout follower of Jesus Christ and nearly all of his songs can be viewed through the lens of Christ.
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  • u
    I think this song is in keeping with the theme of the index. Each disc ends in a sonnett written from the perspective of its respective element. This is the last track of water, and is written from the perspective of the sea. I think this individual track was designed to follow the theme of the album. If you equate the sea to a deity, then that is your interpretation of it. Perhaps kensrue wrote it with that in mind, but its designed to be about the sea.
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  • y
    @jcsmed10. You know who's being shallow right now? You are. Honestly, at this point you're looking way too deep into things in order to find refences to your almighty "God". Who says Christians can't write about things that aren't exclusively about God? Why can't Dustin or C. S. Lewis write about other religions, the elements, or a freaking donkey on the moon for goodness' sakes!? Besides, if you're calling lyrics like this 'shallow' if they aren't about God, you must be pretty stupid. You think writing songs about the elements is "SOULESS"!?!?!?! What the @#*($& are you on!? Seriously, stop and think about this for a second. How many people have died out at sea? How much artwork do you see hanging around that include water bodies in them? If your God was the one who created water, shouldn't you be thanking him for such a beautiful thing instead of calling it souless? I'm not trying to tell you to change religions or anything and I don't give a crap if you've changed your opinion of the song, but at least try and rethink the way you just thought about the elements.
    And this song is lovely.
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