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Thrice – Wood & Wire lyrics

Fourteen years behind these bars
Twelve foot square of cold cement
I've lost nearly everything
For a crime of which I'm innocent

And all my sufferings lie in momentary pain
While the weight of an endless glory still remains... To me

Dead man walking down the hall
To meet a mess of wood and wire
Lead me to where mean fear to tread
Towards the thing I most desire

And all my sufferings lie in momentary pain
While the weight of an endless glory still remains
So throw the switch on, I know you ain't got a choice
The dawn is coming
All is well, I will rejoice

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    "Towards the thing I most desire" he wants to die because there is something much greater after this life. To be stuck in jail for something you didn't do. All you would have is your Faith. If you truly believe in J. C. And in life after death, then why want to stay in a state of torture? I think that is the best line of this song.
    Discovering Thrice was one of the best things that could of ever happened to me because I was so angry before I found God again. Now the little things don't bother me so much. Life is good.
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    There is no paradise waiting for any of us after death. 5000 year old fables hold no bearing on reality, no matter how often they are referred to in music, film, or other media. Those who believe in what they cannot prove are dreamers, weak willed people who need answers, and seek to plug knowledge gaps with god, in a similar fashion to a toddler grasping his or her blanket for comfort. Weak and pathetic.
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