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Three High – Glitch lyrics

Home alone as I stare at the wall bout to lose it.
Peek in my mind warhalls of blood. Visions of karma sutra.
I'm out the looney bin. Damn straight jacket done snapped again.
All faith questioned as prerequiste, you can't tell me shit.
Straight felonious with the etiquette.
An entity with enough spark to inspire Edison.
But when I brainstorm your head aches.
My thoughts cripple Excedrin. You lyin brain dead and my mind is a weapon.
A lion uncaged. Climbing out the fire unscathed and hell ain't hot enough
For me.
You've felt the heat from my rage.
Hurling flames at my enemies. Predicted just like I said it be.
If we ain't Hip Hop's elite, fuck that, we better be.
Call me deadshot and I be redottin the beat.
Fuck ya squad, my crew of goons'll fuckin body ya fleet.
Bombing niggas like we on the shores of Normandy.
3 Kings. But the Iron throne ain't enough for me.
3 Kings Landing and any damage that ya camp can bring.
Ain't doint shit. All that woofin ain't do a Goddamn thing.
I dare one of you lil niggas to cross me. Say dat.
I'll have you sweater'd up like you live with the Cosby's.
Man I'm back at it. I like to call my style craftmatic.
I've come accustomed to servin emcees just like a crack addict.
Keep the shooters like the Mavericks, don't get shot up out ya jackets.
Pick up and follow suit. I'm Tiger at the Masters.
I'm V. I. P. With the pump and a snub.
If you ain't get that Tiger line, you niggas carry the clubs. Ace.
How you like me with a spade to your face? The king of diamonds couldn't
Stop me.
Too many hearts to erase. Too many peons to pardon. Too little routes to
How many microphones to slaughter til they crown me as great? I'm crazy.

Crazy. And ya'll can't change me.
Nah not one of ya'll can save me.
Cause I'm a little off the wall.
Yeah I'm too far gone.
And ya'll ain't got a fucking clue what's going in my head.
I'm going crazy.
That's what they been saying.
Really I've been outta touch lately.
I can't sleep I'm up for days.
Yeah I'm stuck in my ways.
Fuck around with them boys, it ain't safe, Three High, they fucking crazy.

I guess these times have all changed with the way that we were all raised.
And yo if pain came wit substance abuse then you gotta a case.
And I can't say that I aint take and I aint make some mistakes.
I used to think that I was lonely but that it was only a phase.
But you don't know that crave, that'll take you quick to the grave.
But I got away just in time and found a way to survive,
Man that shit coulda ruined me, it coulda ruined my life.
And I got fired from work for fallin asleep all the time.
So I gave it away, found a new place, started to freestyle.
I was killin beats up in college at every party, up in front of crowds.
Gotta few shows. Met a few foes. Got Too Close, Next joke, too slow.
I know you know my flow is gross. Misdiagnosed. I'ts comotose.
They tried to call me a psycho, no Norman Bates.
Bet I ain't know. I quote the Raven like the Crow. You overpayin like
Flacco for all these other rap assholes.
I got my act up on the shows and I brought Chillz' icy flow wit King Beatzy
Fuck a Doe, Ha.
And I think I just ran outta lines. So give me some air and some time to
Catch my breathe and I'm fine.
Okay. Here we go I'm ridin. Grindin. You findin I'm shinin like diamonds.
My time is mine no rewindin. Keep climbin high and keep tryin.
All I can buy is supplies and hope you can only realize it. A
Ll of my life I been rhymin. All of my life I been dyin.
Takin rappers and dice em, ice em, Christ em, fight some, light some.
I don't really need to talk that much, but I think I'm doing nice son.
I, I'm one of the few that can write songs
But still can freestyle all night long
From the top like I got some lice on.
So please stop rappin if you are Riff Raff'n,
Actin Like Bron son, carry more weight than Bron son, I'm on somethin.

A lil off the wall that's how they portray me,
Is it cuz I'll prolly act a fool before I let em play me?
Or becuase your boy a dreamer, I had dreams of beaing Jay-Z,
If I dream it I can do it that's just how my mama raised me, (Alright)
Catch up lil nigga stick wit me,
Ima small town nigga I aint from the big city,
But I guarantee I body any beat you boys gimme,
If it's bars you looking for you got the one, I got plenty, (that's right)
How you wanna do it, tell me how you want it,
Cuz it's too late to apologize this aint no One Republic,
But the team be Counting stars, yeah we so high up,
And if these lames could play they parts I wouldn't be so fired
Up, (Alright)
Coming from the heart, I'm coming at they necks,
Man all I hope is when I'm finished I don't leave a mess,
And it's crazy how I run this shit and I don't even stretch,
And when the game is on the line man I swear I don't even sweat, (never)
You know how they say some people just got it,
Well I'm living proof that wasn't just some shit someone was talkin,
I don't ever drop the ball it's more like I stay on it,
Tryna get that gold ring like 'Bron like Sonic,
We slaughter beats as a hobby,
Yall aint seen a three this raw since Rodman Mike and Scottie,
You average Joes so sloppy,
Bitch we got it locked if you aint know you better get yourself a copy it's


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