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Three High – Blackout lyrics

Tryin hard not to black out. Didn't really notice til I go and I pass out.
I'm not really thinkin, it don't really sink in til I go and hit the
Weekend and it shows that I'm a weakling.
Cause I don't drink that much cuz.
I be workin all day and night just to get a buzz.
Go to sleep, wake up, it's more business.
Drinkin and smokin for me is just a little different.
Cause I don't got a lot of time right here, But I smoke up when I want
Anytime of the year.
Gimme the limelight, might shine bright. Stay alive like the Beegees til my
Knees weak.
Doin gb's, til I'm sleepy. You can't reach me cause I might be slightly
Had a long week and can't take it and I'm toast to that when you see me

What you get out of what I get goin don't make me change all that I know.
If I did everything I was told,
I wouldn't be where I am right now so lets celebrate that I ain't change
And get it in tonight!

Tonight I'm gettin drunk. Put that drank up in my cup.
Tonight I'm gettin high. Roll that dank up in my blunt.
Tonight I'm gettin live because I don't give a fuck.
Don't worry about the time cause the night is still young.
Put that drink in my cup, roll that weed in my blunt.(Blackout, blackout)
Put that drank in my cup, roll that dank in my blunt.(Blackout, Blackout)

Rah. Just got the call from Sleep and I'm still laid up in the sheets.
I wake blowin ha sheesh. Start my day flying high like I always do.
Courtesy of my art dealer shiek. Now dare I say it?
Ain't nobody fresher than V and on my arm you can bet there's a freak.
Consecutively, we bury these beats, you heard "30 Deep."
Now name a nigga hotter than my clique, you know we elite, rah.
You're so narcissistic. No you just made cause I'm off the richter.
Drunk as hell, shorty screaming that she wants breakfast.
Got home, bitch got a mouthful of that bisquick and I gave her the
And to the haters it ain't none of your business.
Saying that it's pretty safe to say what you saying tonight, ain't gonna
Make no difference cause,

If you don't know by now I do want I want.
You can pop shit, we don't give a fuck what you on.
You can't stop this, by now I'm already gone.
We lining shots up like these niggas lining up on the first of the month.

I'm blacked out, but I'm feelin fantastic.
Tryin to play it off that's a stretch no elastic.
They blowin mild. What we smoking on? Drastic.
Boy don't even test me I probably won't pass it.
It smell strong the cologne won't mask it.
What's happenin? Ya boy fly high never crashin.
Level that I'm on dog you couldn't match it.
I'm startin to question how I'm still alive like Magic.
Spit sick stay high. Bitch I'm on my A. I., I ain't even gotta practice.
And it's no kidding when I say I'll go hard til I die.
Probably find me with a stash and a flask in my casket.
Feel the thirst like some chicks from the past.
These days no time for the ratchets.
Man you know we came to get it in like it ain't no tomorrow I'ma probably
Be as high as my tab is. Cause

A lot of stress built up I'm just feelin like I gotta let it out, alright,
Keep my cup filled up, Gin n Sprite yeah you know what I'm bout, all night,
All night.
Three High boy, big shit poppin Anyway you want it we can lay it down, on
Sight, on sight.
All my real shit can wait til tomorrow but for now it's no time to play
Around because tonight.


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