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Thirteen – Evade lyrics

Throw me in the landfill
Don’t think about the consequences
Throw me in the dirt pit
Don’t think about the choices that you’ve made

She lives in a household that’s guarded by her guardians
Parental figures that never had any heart in them
Physically scar her then discard her when they’re arguing
She believes that death, is someone to bargain with

Tarnish the stress and at best, just harness it
In part with the mess, she partially hopes
She partially copes, but partially knows
It’s hard to progress with missing parts in a whole

Like the cause of it all, was it fault of her own?
Could she really solve it, and alter the home?
Is it worth trying or has all of it grown out of control
Down in her soul she’s found that it’s cold out here alone

So maybe she’ll leave, in sight of her absence
Maybe they’ll think and come to light of their madness
But probably won’t, so she’ll probably go
Runaway forever hoping things get better

So I tell her evade
I tell her evade
And I’ll take you away
I’ll take you away

[Verse 2:]
Todays youth looks at superficial glamour
As the answer to beauty, not knowing it’s the cancer
How it's handled profusely and used within the manner
Of verbally abusing girls for not meeting the standards

Look in the mirror and fantasize slimmer waste, go and take
Razor blades to cut out the fat and slit for the pain
Release endorphins to endure what has purely became
A sure hatred for yourself, there’s no more you can take

She’s been lured in the game of society, fuck sobriety
See why we keep getting high and pouring the drank
Even though she’s allure, she’s leaning towards what I think...
Click clack, bang

Goes straight in her brain, her parents run to her room
She lies dead on the floor, and they’re somewhat confused
They read the note on her desk, through the blood from her head
And realize the cause, it was them

She told herself to evade
Told herself to evade
And let God take her away
Let God take her away

Moment of silence
For the fallen
Let our hate disintegrate for just a second
So we can see clearly through the mist of society
All the anguish and pain these kids go through
With no one to go to
We find comfort in alcohol and Cannibis
To let life evaporate cause we can’t handle it
The damages of reality, we can’t take it
So we use music to escape it
Escape reality

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