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The Weeknd – Earned It lyrics

I'm so used to being used
So I love when you call unexpected
Cause I hate when
the moment's expected
So I'ma care for you, you, you
I'ma care for you, you, you, you, yeah
Cause girl you're perfect

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  • m
    The theme of this song is you never know who you can fall in love with. The meaning of this song is a guy who didn't really have luck with girls and he was always used. He was always searching for love, and he finally found someone and he's happy. They might not be together but they still care for each other and take care of each others needs. This song is in a sexual matter but there still in love, and they care for each others bodies. They respect one another. There love is unreal they can't believe how much they have in common. They both went from noting to something. She makes him happy and the way she makes him happy she deserves to be cared for. They trust each other they like spending time together. There so stuck on each other it feels like a fairytale to them. They were both convinced they were broken inside and they wouldn't find anybody until they met each other.
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  • e
    To me this song is about this young man who has had a crappy beginning in life with people miss treating him. He then finds someone who he thinks deserves his love and he cares for her. so he gives her everything he thinks she is perfect when he isn't in his mind. He thinks she is the only one he will love. He is happy when she calls unexpected he did not tell her to call him and that shows she is serious about them as a couple. This song is written for the fifty shades of grey movie so if you have read the books you would know that at the begging Ana was Christians sub and he slowly fell in love with her and so did she. He was abused by his mothers boyfriend that is why he does not like to be touched. They do get married by the third book and have two children and Kate gets married. So this song talks about how you can fall in love even if you were treated wrong and still be happy and live in a fairy tale in your eyes.
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  • u
    The song is about a gigolo that falls in love with his client, gigolos are called normally at an established time, but he loves when she does it unexpected, the girl calls him for a sexual need, and he is going to care about it but he's already in love with her and she doesn't pay it, no mind. They talked about don't get in love, just sex, but they both failed with the promise. The girl is so perfect for him, that she has earned the "service" for free, they both enjoy it.
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  • u
    It's nothing like any of that. The guy has had bad luck with women in the past. He meets this woman (stripper, prostitute, or sex buddy). Either way they can't be together because it would not work in the real world. She manages to make him feel loved and alive unlike his previous relationships. They get together on random nights when she calls him. She feels the same way he does, but also cannot be with him full time. They both have a void to fill and it works. The thought of them both being outcasts or misfits in the world helps to strengthen the bond. I believe he pays for her to be there and she literally earns it, because she makes him feel loved and it feels real to gim. She has to remind him that its not but he prefers the fantasy.
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  • b
    I feel this song is about how a man feels insecure because of how many girls have treated him wrongly. He finds a woman who is different and doesn't know how to treat her properly as of his past however meeting her changes him completely. He learns what love is but pushes the woman away and though they are not together they don't know what to do to solve anything though they can't be apart due to the effect they have on each other.
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